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GENERATORS: IEEE standards may not sufficiently address grounding issues in rotor, stator windings by Clyde V Maughan

CONTROLS: Maryland Heights integrates automation, monitoring, remote capability, digital intelligence in PLC architecture 

REAL, DIGITAL PLANTS CONVERGE: Expand your lexicon to include prognostics, configuration management, wireless expansion, virtualization, evolving operator interfaces

REDUCE RISK: Expand scope of compressor inspections relative to TIL 1854

INSPECTION OF HOT-PARTS REPAIRS: Replication can verify metallurgy after restoration heat treatment by John Molloy, PE

NSPS, PSD, BACT, NSR, SER, NAAQS: Evaluate the regulatory impacts of upgrades before you buy 

CONDITION MONITORING: Ultrasound warns of mechanical, electrical problems before failures occur by Mark A Goodman 

ALTERNATIVE FUELS: Hawaiian Electric advances the use of biodiesel in GTs 

FAST STARTS: Control-system logic, tuning changes get simple-cycle frames online faster

GAS TURBINES: Monitor engine cooling-air flows to enable top performance by Brent A Gregory and Oleg Moroz 

SCR: How to reduce catalyst lifecycle cost, improve reliability by Terry McTernan, PE

DEDICATION: Electric-power industry thanks Clyde V Maughan for seven decades of engineering solutions and unselfish service to the global generator community

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LONG-TERM MAINTENANCE: Prioritization of issues improves reliability, performance

ACOUSTIC MONITORING: Operators alerted to HRSG tube leaks in real time

HRSG UPGRADES: Retrofit drum-type HRSGs to cycle, start faster

COLD WELDING: The science and art of quality weld repairs 

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501D5-D5A USERS: Hot topics dominate discussion for record group of owner/operators.

  • Engine vibration
  • Outage experience
  • Rotor drops
  • Services agreements

FRAME 6 USERS GROUP: Safety, thorough planning critical to outage success.

  • Access the latest performance data on HEPA filters
  • Tutorial on lubricant analysis and maintenance
  • Shroud-block mod to boost output
  • Take a shop tour as well
  • Condensing economizer retrofit gives fast ROI 

COMBUSTION TURBINE OPERATIONS TECHNICAL FORUM: Kirn passes the chairman’s baton to Borsch.

  • Proposed changes to NSPS for GTs
  • The evolution of PRC-005
  • Establishing a culture of compliance
  • GE E-class and Legacy issues include tearing of air-inlet-house expansion joints, rotor end-of-life inspection, exhaust-frame refurbishment
  • 7FA flex-seal ring pipe failure
  • 7FH2 generator noise
  • Generator belly band maintenance
  • Early warning of stator-vane cracking in GTs
  • Wet-cooling-tower inspection checklist

AUSTRALASIAN HRSG USERS GROUP: Tight control of cycle chemistry, proper layups, probing inspections, rigorous operating procedures critical to high availability.

  • Update on total iron corrosion-product testing
  • Avoiding standby corrosion
  • Notes from workshop on next-generation HRSGs
  • Next meeting: December 3-5; details at www.ahug.co.nz.

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  • Repair cross-threaded compression fittings quickly, simplify maintenance…more

  • Frame 5 upgraded to profitability…more

  • NDE identifies birth defects, wear and tear in HRSG tube-to-header weld area…more

  • Reminder: Clashing occurs in 7FAs as well as 7EAs…more