3Q 2011


7F: Unwavering commitment to the industry at 20 years and counting

> The 7F Users Group hosted its 20th anniversary conference last May in Houston’s Westin Galleria, attracting about 250 owner/operators to the world’s largest gathering of F-class users and the equipment and services providers that serve them. more


Vendor Presentations

> Technical presentations by vendor representatives are an important part of every 7F Users Group meeting. Fifteen presentations are made during five 45-min sessions. more


7F: Preventing blowout trips of 7FAs

> One vendor presentation that got high marks from many users at the groups 20th anniversary meeting was Mitch Cohen’s “Understanding and Reducing Lean Blowout Trips of 7 FA DLN2.6 Combustors.” more


7F: Getting started, 1991

> The contributions of users groups to the commercial success of gas turbines cannot be overstated. These machines are relative newcomers to the power generation sector of the electric power industry and without a proactive and collaborative user community, the development of today’s large, efficient, reliable, low-emissions gas turbines certainly would have taken longer than it has. more



Ovation Users

Ovation users glimpse the future, consider today’s solutions

> No sector of the electric power industry seems to change as fast as automation, control, and digital technologies.  more


The total plant concept

> The CTOTF Spring Turbine Forum at The Williamsburg Lodge in Virginia’s Colonial Williamsburg, April 15-19, is coming up quickly.  more



Goodsprings Energy Recovery Station
Renewables-era combined cycle meeting expectations

> When you mention the term “combined cycle” to colleagues in the electric power industry, they generally assume you’re referring to a gas turbine/generator coupled to a steam turbine/generator by means of a heat-recovery steam generator. more


Gas Turbine Historical Society
Jurassic turbine keeps on ticking

>Back in the Jurassic era, when your elementary school teacher used a mimeograph machine (and the scent presaged your college days), when a guy in a swim suit jumped off a cliff in Hawaii hawking a Timex watch on your rabbit-eared television, a Dresser Clark gas turbine came into existence. more

 Harry Allen Generating Station
Fleet leader

> As NV Energy Inc’s President/CEO Michael W Yackira dedicated the 2 × 1 7FA-powered combined cycle at Harry Allen Generating Station last May, VP Generation Kevin Geraghty told the editors he believed the heavily instrumented plant would prove itself as the utility’s top performer.  more

 New Harquahala Generating Co
Report card: Straight ‘A’s

> Plant Manager Dean Motl and the staff at New Harquahala Generating Co LLC (NHGC), Tonopah, Ariz, always have the welcome mat out for the editors. more 


7F Webinar: TIL Updates
Implement recommendations in 1509-R3, 1638, 1795 to reduce operational risks. 

> Technical Information Letters (TILs), published periodically by GE Energy, offer recommendations to resolve equipment issues, improve gas-turbine O&M and reliability, and protect the health and safety of plant personnel.  more


Generator Inspections, Failures
Get a grip on stator-core, rotating-field damage mechanisms

> Generator stator cores are deceptively simple devices. But there’s a lot that can go wrong with the 10 acres of insulated surface in a typical 200-MW unit. Rotating fields present their set of problems, some of which have led to catastrophic failures. more

WEATHER ALERT: Geomagnetic hurricane watch
Here comes the sun, and your plant is in its crosshairs 

> The solar energy that sustains life on this planet cycles through pulses of activity roughly every 11 years. The pulses are evident in a crescendo of sunspots, flares, and other eruptions as the orb builds toward what astronomers call the solar maximum, then the eruptions wane, returning in another dozen years or so. more

Future Generation
Gas-fired plants win big as wind energy confronts market forces

> Saying that wind energy is becoming victim to market forces may appear oxymoronic, because the industry is supported by state renewable portfolio standards (RPS), the federal production tax credit (PTC), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) new Order 1000, and various other loans and subsidies that flowed through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) and other loan guarantee programs. more

HRSG Gas-Side Cleaning 
The dollars and sense of clean boiler tubes

> Fouled finned-tube bundles in heat-recovery steam generators (HRSGs) can penalize your bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis, so it makes good sense to call in a qualified cleaning contractor—periodically (every year or two) or when pressure drop reaches what you decide is the “action-required” level.  more


Small Valves
Eliminate leakage by drain, vent, block valves

> Many plant managers will tell you that much of the work required to make a new combined cycle a competitive generation asset doesn’t begin until after the facility is commissioned and the construction/startup crew drives out the gate and off into the sunset.  more


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