SPECIAL REPORT: Integrating renewables into the generation mix

>> Get the latest information from grid experts on the engineering and economic challenges of “must take” renewables. With presentations and discussion coverage from the “Integrating Renewables Into the Generation Mix: Challenges and Unknowns” workshop sponsored by CTOTF in cooperation with NV Energy.  more


Bay View Combined Cycle Cogeneration Facility

>> Toledo emerges as an industry leader with a state-of-the-art plant to power critical wastewater treatment facilities. The Bay View Combined Cycle Cogeneration Facility has the ability to burn both conventional and “green” fuels separately or simultaneously in both its gas turbine and heat-recovery steam generator (HRSG). 

Orange County Cogeneration Plant

>> Timely permitting, financing, and construction of public-works projects generally are difficult goals to achieve in the nation’s most populous state where competing interests, public skepticism, lack of money, and plain old politics militate against building just about anything. Even projects that make good sense, like cogeneration plants can drag on for years. The Orange County Cogeneration Plant is a case in point.  more



>> There is increasing pressure to extend inspections/maintenance intervals for gas and steam turbines and their generators. One important approach to cycle extension has been predictive maintenance. However Input from monitoring and inspections tests are critical for maintenance planning. more

User Group Reports

“Perhaps the best 7F meeting ever.”

>> User presentations and discussions highlight compressor-blade tip cracking, RO dovetail cracking, clashing, inlet bleed heat, combustion and turbine issues, and outage case histories while profiles and vendor presentations covered a wide range of subjects. more

WTUI 2010 – 2011 Meeting

>> It happens every spring. more

>> Western Turbine users feature breakout sessions for LM2500LM5000 and LM6000

501G Users: Close collaboration facilitates issues resolution more

>> Owner/operators of W501G (SGT6-6000) gas turbines manufactured by Siemens Energy meet face-to-face twice annually to share experiences with one another and with the OEM’s engineers. The G fleet totals 24 units at a dozen sites in the US a dozen sites in the US and one in Mexico. more

>> 501F Users: Compressors and turbines share the spotlight more

There was a presentation or discussion of value in every time slot at the 2010 conference of the 501F Users Group, and not all were about the gas turbine. The change of pace provided by switching among several other topics of importance to attendees—including safety, electric generators, steam turbines, and plant management—helped maintain interest at a high level throughout the four-day meeting.  more