User alert: GE 7FA Trailing Edge S-zero Cracks

Owner/operators of GE 7FA turbines are at risk for cracks and possible S0 failure. The latest version of GE 7FA TIL 1509-1 now includes penetrant inspection for trailing edge of the S0 vanes or an S0 trailing edge eddy current inspection. This issue was recently covered by CCJ ONsite as part of its coverage of CTOTF’s Spring Turbine Forum. More details are available at Another 7FA compressor cracking issue surfaces.

   Rod Shidler, Advanced Turbine Support Inc,  inspected another unit on April 20, 2011, that has also experienced cracking of S0 on the trailing edge (see photos below). Shidler and team will be available both days at Booth #52 during the 7F Users Group Conference.

Unit specifics

Location: Upper Midwest
Total hours: 972.5/127.1
Total starts: 169
Fired starts: 151
Unit trips: 9

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