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About Cormetech

CORMETECH Inc. is the leading U.S. based provider of reliable selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts used in stationary and marine applications around the world to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) as well as other regulated emissions. CORMETECH also provides a full suite of services including catalyst asset optimization and management strategies, full turnkey replacements, on-site inspection and tuning, as well as laboratory catalyst testing services.

CORMETECH’s custom engineered catalysts deliver exceptional performance across a wide variety of turbines, boilers and engines with different fuels, ?ue gas properties, particulate characteristics and temperature ranges. CORMETECH’s innovation pipeline has delivered COMET™ for controlling mercury emissions, METEOR™ for achieving simultaneous nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and volatile organic compound (VOC) reductions and ELITE™ providing ultra-low pressure loss performance.

Products and Services

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CORMETECH manufactures and supplies SCR catalyst for a wide range of applications as well as a wide range of catalyst features from which to choose. CORMETECH is the industry’s leading SCR honeycomb catalyst manufacturer and full life cycle catalyst management / on-site service solution provider. Over the past 25 years, CORMETECH’s focus on innovation and technology has enabled us to build the largest stationary SCR catalyst base in the world. CORMETECH has delivered operating catalysts, optimized catalyst management strategies and on-site services for more than 1,500 SCR systems, totaling over 140,000 MW of worldwide generating capacity. Our core strengths include:

Manufacturing SCR Catalyst – The world’s most reliable Natural Gas, Coal, COMET® for mercury oxidation, METEORTM for multi-pollutant combined NOx reduction and CO/VOC oxidation, Diesel and Refinery / Chemical SCR Catalyst

In-house laboratories for catalyst testing and analysis to determine catalyst performance, deactivation causes, projected life cycle assessment and system optimization – CORMETECH has state-of-the-art laboratories, catalyst activity test centers and micro-activity test apparatus in Durham, NC and Cleveland, TN. Our pilot test plant is capable of auditing field catalyst at actual operating condition. CORMETECH’s testing equipment is state of the art and its methods are fully conforming to the SCR industry’s best practices and VGB guidelines.

Full Laboratory Catalyst Testing and Analysis – NOx, SO2 to SO3 oxidation, mercury oxidation, NH3 slip, pressure drop, XRF, SEM, BET Surface Area, Pore Symmetry

Our testing facilities include:

  • Catalyst activity test center
  • Pilot reactors
  • Micro-reactors
  • Semi-bench scale test equipment
  • BET surface area test equipment,
  • Pore evaluation, X-Ray fluorescence, and Erosion test equipment

Comprehensive Catalyst Management Strategies – Guaranteed Full Lifecycle Strategies and Solutions 

  • Catalyst Inspection Services
  • Catalyst Diagnostic Testing
  • Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) Tuning
  • Catalyst Regeneration and Restoration
  • Layer Management
  • In-situ Catalyst ReplacementSM
  • Integrated Catalyst Management

Catalyst Maintenance, Installation and On-Site Services – Repair, Rebuild, ReNew™, Regenerate, Replacement, Clean, Inspect, Tune and Turnkey Installation

Every day, all over the world we deliver cleaner air through innovation

Areas of Expertise

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SCR catalyst, high-temperature

SCR catalyst, high-temperature
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