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Joe Otto

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About Environex

Established in 1991, Environex Inc. offers engineering and consulting expertise in air emissions control systems for the power generation industry. We are experts in Post Combustion NOx and CO control technologies. Our primary focus is Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and oxidation catalyst testing and system maintenance, catalyst management and selection, troubleshooting, and design. We operate an independent US-based test laboratory specializing in SCR and CO catalyst testing. Environex provides objective third party testing, engineering and consulting related to emissions control products and systems. 

With over 25 years of experience in the power industry, we have an extensive database of catalyst test results and consulting projects to draw from. We have worked with catalyst systems on the full range of prime movers, from small engines to aero-derivative and large frame gas turbines, as well as industrial boilers of all sizes. Our experience includes systems used on all fuel types, including natural gas, fuel oil, biomass, coal, and landfill gas. The Environex database includes catalyst test results and projects on systems from all catalyst manufacturers, system/HRSG suppliers, and gas turbine and boiler makers. If you are having a catalyst or emissions control problem, chances are we have seen it before.

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Products and Services

SCR Catalyst Testing – includes performance testing, surface area analysis, and chemical analysis. Multiple test points included to span the range of plant operating conditions. Replacement SCR elements are available.

CO Catalyst Testing – includes performance testing, surface area analysis, and chemical analysis. Multiple test points included to span the range of plant operating conditions. Replacement CO buttons are available.

Full SCR and CO System Evaluations – includes a combination of catalyst core sample testing, operating data analysis, and system inspection. This scope enables us to distinguish system problems from catalyst problems, account for stratification in catalyst performance across the duct, and evaluate catalyst and system performance under all plant operating conditions.

Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) Tuning – optimizes NH3-to-NOx distribution at the SCR catalyst inlet. This extends SCR catalyst life and reduces ammonia consumption, stack ammonia slip, and ammonia salt formation on downstream boiler tubes. 

CO Catalyst Recycle – ensures that you receive the best return on the precious metals from your spent CO catalyst. The vendors typically return only a fraction of contained precious metal value to the end user. 

CO Catalyst Rejuvenation Studies – determine the feasibility of using different wash solutions to improve performance and extend CO catalyst life. 

SCR and CO Catalyst Replacement Services – includes developing the replacement catalyst bid specification, identifying qualified suppliers, and evaluating vendor bids. This service identifies opportunities to improve catalyst design and leverages the best designs, guarantee terms, and lead times for replacement catalysts. Turnkey replacement services are available. 

Operator SCR System Training – Environex offers an annual training course on NOx and CO/VOC control systems and technologies. 

Catalyst System Maintenance – includes catalyst cleaning and re-packing and reagent injection system cleaning

SCR and CO System Consulting and Troubleshooting

SCR/CO System Design Reviews

Fleet Catalyst Management Plans

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Gas Turbines


   SCR systems
   SCR catalyst, high-temperature
   CO catalyst
   Low-NOx efficiency improvement
   SCR and CO system testing and consulting

   SCR systems
   SCR catalyst, high-temperature
   CO catalyst
   SCR reagent
   Low-NOx efficiency improvement
   Catalyst maintenance
   SCR and CO system testing and consulting