CCJ Marketing Seminar

Power Industry Market Analysis Seminar

Presented by Combined Cycle Journal, CCJ ONline, and GRiD Today
Featured speaker and discussion leader: Jason Makansi, president, Pearl Street

February 21, 2017 • Reno, Nevada
(The morning after the 501F Vendor Fair)


8:00 Continental breakfast
8:30 – 11:30 Main presentation (with a short break at 10:00)
11:30 – 12:30 Box lunch and extended Q&A and discussion
12:30 Adjourn


Provide a necessary dose of market reality to help you develop realistic tactical and strategic sales and marketing plans.


Please use the form below to register. The fee for this event is $350. Contact Bob Schwieger, or 702-869-4739, with any questions.


The power industry is undergoing gut-wrenching transformation. Economic growth has been tepid at best; therefore, electricity demand has been weak or negative. Coal is receding. Nuclear is threatened. Baseload generation is undervalued. Gas is as inexpensive as it’s been in recent memory. And the forward price curve probably hasn’t been this favorable over your entire career. Environmental restrictions are like throwing more proverbial straw on the camel’s back. After being a topic of discussion for a decade, the “brain drain” has become hard reality. Variable renewable generation wins in political mindshare.

Grid participation is dynamic—rattled minute to minute by intermittent wind and solar; ancillary services, balancing and day-ahead markets; baseload unit retirements, and many other factors. Some gas-fired combined cycles have had more than five owner names on the shingle over the last 10-15 years. Peaking gas turbines are running in intermediate load. Intermediate load units are running baseload. Some supercritical coal units cycle from min to max load every hour to fill in around renewables.

And in the shadow of all of these clearly visible trends is the most potent market driver of all— value and opportunity are moving downstream, away from large power generation facilities and long transmission lines and towards the distribution end of the grid. Distributed energy, microgrids, off-grid/on-site systems, net metering, behind the meter, local electricity storage, rooftop PV, and even fuel cell appliances all are vying for a share of what some call the “transactional” grid.

Seminar leader

Jason Makansi is a regular contributor to Combined Cycle Journal and is chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board for CCJ’s sister publication, GRiD Today.

He has been guiding clients serving the electric power industry for 15 years. His career spans almost 40 years, beginning with engineering positions at the Tennessee Valley Authority and at a major East Coast refinery, through his 18-year tenure at Power magazine, the last six as editor-in-chief. He has published three industry professional books—including Lights Out: The Electricity Crisis and The Global Economy and What It Means To You (John Wiley, 2007), which was favorably reviewed by major media outlets across the country, including The Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe.

An engaging speaker, Makansi has keynoted several major industry events—including, the annual conferences of a major electric cooperative, the Electric Power Conference, ISA Power Industry Symposium, CCJ’s Integrating Renewables conference (2011), and an annual meeting of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. Plus, he has presented at numerous user-group meetings on control systems, diagnostics, prognostics, and other digital transformation technologies.

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The fee for this event is $350. Contact Bob Schwieger, or 702-869-4739, with any questions.

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