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The 2018 Power Users’ Combined Conference, featuring separate meetings for the Combined Cycle, Steam Turbine, Generator, and Power Plant Controls Users Groups in one venue, is only a month away. Register before July 27 to receive the early-bird discount. 

Marriott Louisville Downtown, August 27-30. Book your room by August 3 to receive the preferred conference rate. 

The four organizations come together at all meals and the vendor fair, so there’s good opportunity to connect with colleagues having different areas of expertise and benefit from their experiences. Plus, you can attend sessions at all four meetings by just registering for the one of greatest interest. The program guide you’ll receive at registration shows at a glance what’s going on in each of the meetings at any point in time.

Conference Manager Sheila Vashi of SV Events predicts conference attendance will be the largest ever.  This will be the eighth annual meeting for the CCUG, the fifth for the STUG, the fourth for the GUG, and first for PPCUG.

Highlights of each meeting follow. If you are unfamiliar with these groups, bear in mind they are not commercial ventures. The technical programs were developed by your user colleagues and the meetings are conducted by Power Users—an umbrella organization established by users to hold down costs and eliminate promotional content that often dominates commercial meetings.

Combined Cycle Users Group (CCUG)

Key topics addressed in discussion forums and formal presentations include the following:

    • Maintenance. Attemperators; chrome piping issues; impact of gas-turbine turndown on the HRSG, steam turbine, and balance-of-plant equipment; repetitive cold-reheat piping failures and resolution.

    • Inspections/audits. High-energy piping; heat-recovery steam generators; drain and isolation valves; pipe hangers; detection of underground leaks in cast-iron, high-density polyethylene, and other piping.

    • Process/compliance. NERC/CIP; impact of renewables on combined-cycle plants; plant dispatch drivers and their availability impacts; energy imbalance market fundamentals; making plants flexible, resilient, and fast-start capable.

    • Other. Operator training, safety in gas handling; best practices; human-performance initiatives and procedures.

    • OEM technology workshops (Siemens and GE).

Steering committee

Chair: Phyllis Gassert, asset manager, Talen Energy

Vice Chair: Brian Fretwell, director of mechanical services, Calpine Corp

John Baker, plant manager, Clearwater Cogeneration Plant (Riverside Public Utilities)

Jimmy Daghlian, director of generation support, NV Energy

Steve Hilger, plant manager, Dogwood Energy Facility (NAES Corp)

Aaron Kitzmiller, Dynegy Inc

Robert Mash, O&M supervisor, Mint Farm Generating Station (Puget Sound Energy)

Ben Stanley, plant manager, Valley Energy Center (DGC Operations LLC)

 Generator Users Group (GUG)

Key topics addressed in discussion forums and formal presentations include the following:

    • Case studies on generator problems, diagnoses, repair, and monitoring.

    • Collector-ring failures, brush selectivity issues, repair, and monitoring.

    • Generator rotor design considerations and issues.

    • Power-system stabilizer overview and tuning.

    • Stator-core vibration analysis.

    • Impacts of cycling.

    • Economics of generator rotor removal for major inspection.

    • Generator experience with sweep frequency response analysis.

    • Robotic ElCid experience and challenges.

    • Stator rewind experience, guidelines, and lessons learned.

    • OEM workshops on operational experience and design issues.

Steering committee

Chair: Ryan Harrison, technical specialist, ATCO Power

Vice Chair: Dave Fischli, generator program manager, Duke Energy

Advisor: Jane Hutt, webmaster, International Generator Technical Community

John Demcko, senior consulting engineer, Arizona Public Service Co

Jeff Phelps, principal engineer (system generator SME), Southern Company

Joe Riebau, senior manager (electrical engineering and NERC), Exelon Power Generation

Kent Smith, manager of generation engineering, Duke Energy

Craig Spencer, director of outage services, Calpine Corp

Jagadeesh Srirama, senior electrical engineer, NV Energy

Steam Turbine Users Group (STUG)

Key topics addressed in discussion forums and formal presentations include the following:

    • Alignment dos and don’ts: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    • D11 Ni packing-box O&M issues.

    • Packing and seals: types, options, and clearances.

    • Valve maintenance experiences on repairs, retrofit strategies, spares versus exchange.

    • Valve actuator inspections: strategies, intervals.

    • NDE best practices for valve parts/assemblies.

    • How to extend centerline and valve maintenance intervals.

    • OEM versus third-party centerline and valve-related maintenance experiences.

    • EHC system flushing/cleaning, fluid conversion.

    • Low-load operation: experiences, concerns, limitations, impacts on maintenance planning.

    • Fast/accelerated startups: how to accommodate, lessons learned.

    • Third-party parts/repairs: how to qualify vendors and their products.

    • GE FieldCore experiences and lessons learned.

    • Layup procedures—short- and long-term.

    • Replacing ageing supervisory instrumentation.

    • Steam-path audit—what it is and its benefits.

    • Rotor straightening.

    • Diaphragm dishing and repairs.

    • Age impacts on maintenance practices/intervals.

    • OEM workshops (Siemens and GE).

Steering committee

Chair: Bert Norfleet, Dominion

Vice Chair: Jay Hoffman, Tenaska Inc

Eddie Argo, Southern Company

Jess Bills, Salt River Project

Gary Crisp, NV Energy

Jake English, Duke Energy

John McQuerry, Calpine Corp

Lonny Simon, OxyChem

Power Plant Controls Users Group (PPCUG)

You may be thinking, “What’s a PPCUG?” Well, according steering committee chairman, Peter So of Calpine, it’s the missing link to the Power Users’ Combined Conference. Key topics addressed in discussion forums and formal presentations at the inaugural symposium include the following:

    • Controls.

    • Hardware.

    • Software.

    • Instrumentation.

    • Cybersecurity.

    • Digital transformation.

Steering committee

Chair: Peter So, Calpine

Bryan Eddins, Duke Energy

Brian Hall, TECO

Terry Rippy, Broad River Energy

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