REGISTER TODAY: Three of year’s most important meetings for plant owner/operators only a month away

501F Users Group, Doble’s Life of a Transformer, HRSG Forum with Bob Anderson

Things may appear upside down and sideways to those involved in electric-power generation and delivery these days. But while the industry works through a period of turbulent change, the simple fact remains: Central generating plants must continue to operate reliably and efficiently to satisfy the needs of a growing economy.

Three meetings only a month away can help you achieve those goals. But you can only attend two because the 501F Users Group and Doble’s Life of a Transformer™ seminar both take place the week of February 19. The HRSG Forum with Bob Anderson debuts February 28 and runs through March 2. Decision-making is simple because the subject matter among the meetings is separate and distinct.

Conference summaries follow with links to program details, meeting and hotel registration, etc.

Four OEMs among the 100 vendors vying for 501F business in Reno

Attendance at the 501F Users Group meeting is highly recommended for owner/operators of these gas turbines—even personnel with double-digit years of experience. The after-market players are changing and their product/services offerings are evolving—oftentimes faster than you might think. It’s virtually impossible to do the job company management expects unless you keep up with what the suppliers are doing, particularly the OEM and its major competitors.

The user organization, chaired by Cleco Power LLC’s Russ Snyder, has been serving owner/operators for nearly two decades; the 2017 meeting promises to be the most important since the group’s founding. The program highlights hours of user presentation/discussion, four-dozen presentations by third-party equipment and services providers (so-called Vendorama), vibrant vendor fair, evening events, and special closed-session, in-depth presentations to users by industry heavyweights Siemens Energy, Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Ansaldo Energia’s PSM, GE Power, and Sulzer.

Snyder told the editors, “All owners of 501F equipment will certainly leave the conference with a better understanding of their options in the marketplace for maintaining their equipment.” Note that this will be GE’s first participation in the conference, made possible by its license from PSM for pre-2016 501F components and technology.

Here are the important links:

    • Chairman’s overview and key contacts. (link)

    • Preliminary agenda. (link)

    • Meeting registration. (link)

    • Hotel reservation. (link)

    • CCJ’s most recent report on the 501F Users Group. (link)

Vendorama 2017: Another learning dimension

Last February (2016), 94 companies showcased their offerings in the exhibition hall. Nearly half of those vendors participated in Vendorama (six presentations conducted in parallel in each of seven time slots). Vendorama presentations provide users a superior learning experience, most offering owners engine reliability/availability benefits when implemented. This is the most robust forum of its type offered by the gas-turbine user-group community. Below is the 2017 schedule:

9:30 – 10:00

  • Parts Strategy to Reduce Customer Lifecycle Cost, MHPSA
  • Next Generation Vibration Protection Systems, Alta Solutions
  • New Expansion Joint Design for 501 F&G Turbine Exhaust, Eagle Burgmann EJS
  • Lifecycle cost considerations for GT inlet filtration systems, Camfil Power Systems
  • Best Practices: Freeze Protection and Winterization Programs, Brace Intergrated Services
  • Back-up liquid Fuel System Reliability for Lucrative Capacity Payment Opportunities, JASC

10:25 – 11:15

  • Next Generation Turbine Insulation, Arnold Group USA
  • Advancements in Reliability, Sulzer Turbo Services Houston
  • Fluid Film Bearing Related, Pioneering Motor Bearing
  • Controls Capabilities for 501F (Auto-tune), PSM
  • What filter do I really need (and should it be HEPA), CLARCOR Industrial Air
  • Simplifying Gas Turbine Piping & Tubing Connections, Parker Hannifin Corporation

11:20 – 11:50

  • 501F Exhaust Wall Seal, Coverflex Mfg Inc
  • Common CT exhaust liner and silencer systems issues, Sound Technologies
  • Generator Auxiliary Upgrades: Emphasis on Hydrogen Safety, Lectrodryer
  • 501 Turbine Update, Emerson
  • Reliable Lubricant Solutions to Eliminate Varnish, American Chemical Technologies
  • Innovative Repair Capability for 501F, GE

1:05 – 1:55

  • Advancements in Reliability, Sulzer Turbo Services Houston
  • Next Generation Turbine Insulation, Arnold Group USA
  • Aeropak 1 and 2 Stator Rewind Preparedness, AGTServices
  • CT Exhaust Expansion Joints and Penetration Seals, Frenzelit Expansion Joints
  • What Maintenance Matters? Navigating Technical Priorities in New Paradigm, NEC
  • 8000-Hour Parts Life Extension on a 501F Using Dry Air Injection, Powerhouse

2:00 – 2:30

  • HEPA Filtration and the Issue of Corrosion, AAF International
  • Advancements in SCR Technology, Peerless
  • Turbine Section Component Repair, value differences between OEM and third-party repair shops, MHPSA
  • F-class Starting System & Turning Gear Design and O&M, Koenig Engineering
  • Impact of Creep-Fatigue Cracking in Grade 91 Pressure Parts, Tetra Engineering Group
  • Benefits of Maximum Access for Borescope Inspections, Advanced Turbine Support

2:55 – 3:25

  • Outage Preparation, TOPS, LLC,
  • Particle counting: Small adjustments to oil sampling process can make trendable data believable, Hy-Pro
  • Circular Non Seg Bus – the perfect bus duct solution for Gas Turbines, Crown Electric Engineering
  • New Method for Intelligent Sampling and Storage of Vibration Waveforms, SETPOINT Vibration
  • Maintaining and Upgrading Existing Inlet Air Fogging Systems, Mee Industries
  • Online Transformer Oil Conditioning, CC Jensen Oil Maintenance

3:30 – 4:00

  • Best Practices for Expansion Joint Inspection, Industrial Air Flow Dynamics
  • Switchgear life extension for gas Turbine sites with emphasis on the Citadel, National Breaker Services
  • Applying Pressure Wave Technology for HRSG Cleaning, GE
  • 501FD2/3 Row 4 Turbine Blade Repair Quality, Allied Power Group
  • Dealing with Moisture for Air Inlet Filtration Technology, Nederman-Pneumafil

Transformer design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, testing—from A to Z

Doble Engineering Co’s Life of a Transformer™ seminar offers a multi-level learning experience that addresses the information needs of recent hires with little or no training in high-voltage equipment up to and including those of senior plant personnel. This year’s event will host hundreds of transformer specialists, maintenance strategists, asset managers, substation O&M managers, and plant and corporate electrical engineers, February 19-24, at California’s Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach.

Attendees can participate in sessions from one or more of the following courses:

    • Transformer professional program.

    • Transformer professional program—Advanced training.

    • Transformer maintenance program.

    • Transformer differential protection program.

    • Special one-day laboratory seminar.

Plus, early arrivers on Sunday, February 19, can join a tour of GE’s Transformer Remanufacturing Service Center, Los Angeles, from 2:30 to 6 p.m.

Learning objectives include the following:

    • Become familiar with transformer designs and manufacturing techniques.

    • Write transformer specifications.

    • Interpret factory and field test data.

    • Apply transformer maintenance best practices.

    • Integrate intelligent condition-monitoring technologies.

    • Develop repair, refurbishment, and replacement strategies.

    • Learn how to improve safety and grid reliability.

Most everything you’ll want to know about this meeting can be accessed via the following links:

    • Detailed agenda, including session descriptions and thumbnail biographies of the speakers. (link)

    • Training tracks. (link)

    • Special one-day seminar: Transformer condition assessment using laboratory diagnostics. (link)

    • Meeting registration. (link)

    • Hotel reservation. (link)

    • Read CCJ’s summary of Doble VP Paul Griffin’s user-group presentation, Asset Health Review of Transformer Fleets.

HRSG issues? Here’s where you can the guidance to resolve them

The HRSG Forum with Bob Anderson debuts on the EPRI Campus in Charlotte, NC, Feb 28-Mar 2. Anderson is one of very few people with the technical qualifications, plant experience, interpersonal skills, and discussion leadership to conduct a meaningful forum on heat-recovery steam generators for combined-cycle and cogeneration plants. He has honed his unique skillset over the last decade, participating in interactive user-oriented HRSG meetings in this country, Australasia, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. Anderson joined Competitive Power Resources, an independent consulting firm specializing in HRSGs and related auxiliaries, upon retirement from Florida Power Corp/Progress Energy after 33 years of service. He held a variety of positions at those utilities, including director of gas-turbine major maintenance and manager of combined-cycle services.

Use the links below to access the conference program. It reflects the gamut of presentations and discussion sessions on HRSGs of importance to owner/operators of generating plants equipped with gas turbines ranging in size from the popular aero models up through the latest H and J machines. The know-how gained by participating in this forum will help users and maintenance professionals be more successful, and their plants more profitable.

Anderson assures attendees will benefit greatly from the expert interaction in Q&A sessions following the presentations and in the discussion sessions he so deftly leads. Plus, he says, they’ll have the opportunity to mingle and chat one-on-one and in small groups at receptions and meals. Other benefits: continuing education credit, complete meeting minutes, copies of presentations, and names and contact information of fellow participants.

Use these links to access program and registration information:

    • Agenda. (link)

    • Speaker bios. (link)

    • Meeting registration. (link)

    • Lodging/directions. (link)

    • Sponsors/exhibitors. (link)

Bob Anderson is a long-time CCJ contributor, having penned his first article in Issue 1 of the COMBINED CYCLE Journal and his most recent in the quarterly’s current issue, Number 50. The editors selected a few articles he has either written or contributed to recently to provide background on key subjects that will be addressed at the meeting.

    • Keep heat in cycling HRSGs to mitigate thermal fatigue. (link)

    • Attemperators: HRSG enemy No. 1. (link)

    • Ultrasonic flowmeter differentiates between water and steam in HRSG drain lines. (link)

    • AHUG: Sharing HRSG knowledge globally. (link)

    • Mining data to identify problems and improve performance takes perseverance and know-how. (link)

    • Understanding thermal transients and how to make SH/RH drains operate effectively. (link)

    • SPECIAL REPORT: HRSG assessments identify trends in cycle chemistry, thermal transient performance. (link)

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