Safety Equipment & Systems – MEAG Wansley Unit 9

Isolation-valve panel installation facilitates water-treatment sampling

MEAG Wansley Unit 9
Owned by Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia
Operated by GE Power Generation Services O&M 

Challenge.  Multiple water-sample point isolation valves, which feed the water chemistry laboratory sample sink, are located throughout the site and require operation at various times. Many of these valves are located in difficult areas to access.

   For example, some are located high on a mezzanine level, others were underneath the decking, with several requiring the use of fall protection or a manlift to gain access. In addition, some are of a single-valve design,  making double block and bleed impossible.

Solution. As part of the site’s continuous improvement culture, all personnel are encouraged to recommend safety, quality, and time-saving ideas. As part of that program, the recommendation was made to design and install a single point to access all sample isolation valves. This panel would eliminate multiple hazardous tasks, greatly reduce man-hours expended, and enhance the safety of
the site personnel by providing double block and bleed for all sample points.

Results. An isolation panel was designed and fabricated by site personnel (Fig 31). The panel was then installed adjacent to the water chemistry laboratory. Each individual sample point may now be isolated from a single central location. As an added benefit, with the new additional valve points, double block and bleed is now possible for all sample points.