Safety – River Road Generating Plant

Area-specific hazard awareness SRA’s (Safety Risk Assessments)

River Road Generating Plant
Owned by Clark Public Utilities
Operated by GE Energy Power Generation Services O&M 

Challenge.  Plant personnel identified that specific areas (not task specific) have inherent potential safety risks. By and large, work that does not require a work order and job safety analysis does not get potential risks reviewed. General safety-risk awareness of specific areas is often reliant on personal knowledge and experiences. General awareness of area-specific risks that may be obvious to site employees may not be as obvious to contractors and site visitors. Over time, if safety risks are not reviewed, the awareness diminishes.

Solution. Plant personnel collaborated to create area-specific safety risk assessments (SRAs) for various areas or zones in the plant and posted them at the entry of the area in order to raise awareness of safety risks for contractors, visitors, and new employees during orientation. A goal of the procedures is to review them with employees and update them as area hazards change.

   Some examples of the hazards included in the document:

  • Noise (hearing oncoming traffic)
  • Ongoing breaker operation
  • Fire system actuation
  • Lighting
  • Gating and doorways
  • Area chemicals
  • Machinery
  • Surface conditions
  • Surface temperatures
  • Traffic areas
  • Communication
  • Required PPE.

Results. Besides providing heightened awareness of safety risks in many areas of the plant, the benefits of our SRA program include:

  • Provided opportunity to evaluate engineered hazard controls
  • All site employees’ experiences and expertise are utilized in updating documents
  • Area-specific hazard assessments can be added to work permits
  • Expedites work permitting process, increasing work productivity with enhanced safety
  • SRAs posted at entry to areas for “in the field” review
  • Part of annual review process
  • Communicates hazards to contractors prior to mobilizing to assist with work plans and task specific work permits.