Best Practices – AL Sandersville

Commitment to conservation reduces annual electric bill by $100K

AL Sandersville Power Plant

Owned by Southeast PowerGen LLC

Operated by Consolidated Asset Management Services

640-MW, gas fired, eight-unit, simple-cycle peaking facility located in Sandersville, Ga

Plant manager: Mike Spranger

Best Practices - Al Sandersville

Challenge. With a monthly electric bill averaging $29,700, reducing power consumption at AL Sandersville without affecting availability and reliability became a priority of plant personnel, both for its cost-saving and environmental benefits.  

Solution. A review of electrical equipment to determine the most effective way to reduce power consumption without affecting availability and reliability was undertaken.

The first step was simply walking through the plant conducting an informal energy audit to help identify waste or inefficiency where power could easily be saved. Examples: Turn off lights in buildings when not in use; adjust thermostats up or down a couple of degrees. We also determined we could turn off two of the three cooling-water fan motors while the units are on cool-down control, thereby reducing the starting and stopping of the motors.

In the second phase of the project, personnel reviewed the maintenance PMs and determined that we could reduce the operating time of some equipment and save on maintenance as well. As an example, we reduced the time units are on turning gear. During months that the units were not operating, we routinely placed them on turning gear from six to eight hours; now it is four hours or less. We also complete our equipment runs while the units are on turning gear or operating, better managing service hours.

The final step was to replace equipment with more energy-efficient equipment when failures occurred. We also replaced old CRT computer monitors with newer flat-screen monitors and changed-out exit and emergency lighting with newer more efficient alternatives. 

Results. Power consumption has dropped considerably with the electric bill now averaging $21,600 per month, saving almost $100,000 per year.

Project participants: 

Ralph Chandler

Derek Boatright

Joe Vaughn

Tim Stevens

Robby Riddle

Randy Morton