Best Practices – Arrow Canyon

Multi-facility horizontal management planning

Arrow Canyon

Arrow Canyon Complex 

NV Energy Inc 

Chuck Lenzie Generating Station

1100-MW gas-fired, two 2 × 1 combined cycles located near Las Vegas, Nev

Silverhawk Generating Station

520-MW gas-fired, 2 × 1 combined cycle located near Las Vegas, Nev. Co-owned with the Southern Nevada Water Authority

Harry Allen Generating Station

630-MW gas-fired, 2 × 1 combined cycle and two simple-cycle peaking units located near Las Vegas, Nev

Regional plant director: Steve Page

Challenge. Operating three separate plants as an integral team is difficult, even when the plants are only a few miles away from each other. Lean staff and other resources at the plants can be leveraged to optimize efficiency, when we truly operate as one team. Standardization can eliminate duplication of efforts and ensure consistent quality. Additionally, managers with different strengths can combine to form an elite team, bearing numerous qualities which can be utilized.

Solution. We developed a plan to organize the Arrow Canyon management team into areas of responsibility and ownership of initiatives on a “horizontal” (by subject) basis, rather than a “vertical” (by location) basis. Improvement initiatives are assigned and managed the same way. Execution of the plan is delineated by calendar quarter, and updated as such.


• Alignment: We achieved management alignment about how we would operate, and what areas to focus improvements on, for the selected year. This plan was used to align sub-teams and individual supervisor priorities and improvement initiatives.

• Efficiency: Eliminating duplicative efforts, plus standardization, lead to more effective execution of processes and more predictable results.

• Leveraging diverse talents: Organizing, thinking and operating as a larger entity of three plants versus one gives us a larger talent pool, and a wider spectrum of strengths to draw upon. Higher-quality solutions come with broader perspectives

• Job Satisfaction: Each individual has a broader opportunity to do what they do best, and for that to help 3 plants, rather than just 1.

• Teamwork: True teamwork can only happen when the participants are synchronized. Using the plan as a basis allowed us to synchronize what were formerly three distinct operating entities.

Project participants:

David Hall, manager of engineering and technical services

Forrest Hawman, production manager

Deborah Henninger, generation consultant

Ron McCallum, production manager

Shane Pritchard, production manager

Brian Paetzold, assistant regional director