Siemens’ new approach to the W501F and W501G annual user group conference

During recent customer meetings held in September 2014, Siemens introduced the W501F/SGT6-5000F and W501G customers to a new approach with regard to the company’s user-group participation in the US going forward. The new approach is designed to foster increased dialogue and knowledge-sharing on Siemens products and technologies among customers and Siemens experts.

Each September, beginning in 2015, Siemens will host its own F-, G-, and H-Class Annual Conference covering the W501F/SGT6-5000F (F4-F5ee), W501G, and SGT5/6-8000H frames. The F-FD3 machines will be incorporated into the 2016 and later meetings. As a result, the company will no longer participate in the annual co-located conference hosted by the 501F and 501G Users Groups in the US, beginning in February 2016. 

Siemens says one of the goals of the new conference is to bring customers with these frame units together at one event, along with more Siemens experts, so that more time can be spent on technical topics and Q&A. In addition, all topics, agenda, and priority will be set by direct customer input.

According to Siemens, the new conference will offer a number of enhanced benefits—such as more breakouts, deep-dive sessions, and hardware displays. As in previous forums, it will continue to be highly interactive where customers can candidly engage with Siemens and one another in an effort to educate, inform, and share best practices. The company stressed it will support the user groups’ longstanding focus on active and engaged customer participation with a high level of customer input, collaboration, and value. CCJ