BEST PRACTICES: Paris Energy Center

Warehouse inventory control

Challenge. Paris Energy Center’s annual inventory counts were taking two to three days to complete. Plant personnel wanted to simplify the process and reduce the amount of time to complete the count while considerably reducing the variance in the overall inventory.

Solution. To simplify the process, bar codes were added on all asset containers. Each bin of small items, such as specialized bolts and nuts, were counted and placed in a sealed bag and the counts noted on the bags’ exteriors. This enabled the procurement specialist to process inventory by simply walking down each aisle monthly looking for open bags, indicating a recount was necessary. By year’s end, all inventory had been counted at least once and was ready for the overall annual count.

Results. Total annual inventory counting time has been reduced to half a day; variance reduced to zero. This approach also ensures that parts are always available when needed.

Project participant: Gayle Foster

Noise reduction in steam-turbine area

Challenge. Plant was experiencing significant noise. It interfered with operations and was a safety hazard. When on or around the steam turbine deck, personnel noticed that multiple exit points of pressure during startup caused serious vibration and generated a noise level that was hazardous to hearing and made radio communications all but impossible.

   Safety concerns:

  • Calculated unsilenced noise was 161.3dB, significantly above the safe-hearing threshold.
  • Double hearing protection was ineffective in reducing noise to a safe level.
  • Heavy vibration was experienced on the steam-turbine deck.
  • Operational concerns:
  • Communication via radio in the area was affected dramatically.
  • Noise had warranted complaints from surrounding facilities.

Solution. In order to reduce noise and vibration in the area, a silencer was installed on the ground level that was large enough to address all targeted pressure exit points and piping was rerouted from these points to one silencer (figures).

Paris BP Fig

Results. After the silencer was installed and targeted piping was rerouted, the following improvements were noted:

  • Noise reading was reduced to 97.7dB.
  • Double hearing protection was no longer required.
  • Vibration on steamer deck was reduced significantly.
  • Radio communication with plant personnel operating on or around the steam-turbine deck was no longer affected.

Project participant: Casey Johnson

Paris Energy Center

Owned by Viva Alamo

Operated by NAES Corp

260-MW, gas-fired, 2 × 1 combined cycle located in Paris, Tex

Plant manager: Mark Vest