501F users: Registration opens soon for 2020 meeting, Feb 9-13, Hilton West Palm Beach

If you’re involved in the construction, operation, and/or maintenance of 501F, 701F, and SGT6-5000F gas turbines made by Siemens Energy Inc, Westinghouse Electric Corp, and/or Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS), and are employed by a company with a direct ownership and/or operational interest in those gas turbines, participation in the 2020 meeting of the 501F Users Group is particularly important. It will be held at the Hilton in West Palm Beach, Fla, February 9–13.

The players in the service business are changing and their product/services offerings are evolving—oftentimes faster than you might think. It’s virtually impossible to do the job company management expects unless you keep up with what the suppliers are doing—in particular, the OEMs and their third-party competitors.

The all-volunteer 501F Board of Directors (Sidebar 1), headed by Cleco Power LLC’s Russ Snyder is fine-tuning the program, which will have most of the same elements as the information-rich 2019 conference summarized in companion articles elsewhere in this issue of CCJ ONsite. Keep in touch with the 501F User Group’s activities on the organization’s new official website at https://forum.501fusers.org.

1. 2020 Conference and Vendor Fair

Hilton West Palm Beach (Florida) • February 9 – 13

For the latest program information, visit https://forum.501fusers.org after November 1. Refer questions on the vendor fair, sponsorships, etc, to Tammy Faust, tammy@somp.co, or Jacki Bennis, jacki@somp.co, 843-856-5150.

Refer questions on the technical program to Carey Frost, carey.frost@dukeenergy.com.

Officers and Board of Directors

President/Chairman of the Board
Russ Snyder, VP generation operations, Cleco Power LLC

Vice Chairman
Carey Frost, program manager, Duke Energy

Brian Berkstresser, plant manager, State Line Plant, Liberty Utilities

Board members:
Blaine Gartner, principal engineer, Xcel Energy
John Burke, O&M manager, LSP-Cottage Grove LP, operated by NAES Corp
Dave Gundry, staff engineer, Xcel Energy
Dennis Winn, managing director, Klamath Energy LLC, (Avangrid Renewables)
Ivan Kush, principal CT and Controls Engineer, Cogentrix Energy Power Management
Jaime Oliveira, O&M senior manager, Norte Fluminense, EdF

Gaining access to website content is simple; it only takes a couple of minutes to create your account as a 501F member, which is required (Sidebar 2). Your application will be reviewed by the Board and access granted within one business day. When conference registration opens in a few days, all active members of the group will be emailed a registration link. Important: You will not be able to register for the meeting unless you are a current member of the 501F Users Group. Sign up today!

Here’s an overview of the key features of a 501F Users Group meeting:

    • User presentations on issues identified in the fleet and solutions implemented, as well as on experience with upgrades to improve unit performance.

    • User-only sessions promoting open discussions and short presentations by owner/operators on safety, compressor, combustion section, hot-gas-path components, exhaust, rotors, auxiliaries, and generators. 

    • Special closed sessions by the major products/services providers serving this frame. At the 2019 meeting, Ansaldo/PSM and MHPS presided over four-hour sessions, Siemens and GE two-hour sessions. 

    • Vendorama program, comprising about three-dozen half-hour technical presentations by third-party services providers, brings attendees up to date on offerings of primary interest to the 501F community.

    • Vendor fair, following the Vendorama program, gives users the opportunity to peruse the offerings of nearly a hundred manufacturers and services firms.

If you have never attended a 501F Users Group meeting, make the 2020 conference your first. You will learn things vital to your plant’s future success likely not available in one place anywhere else.

Important note for shy O&M personnel: This is a collaborative organization and first timers (typically one-third to one-half of the 100+ attendees expected at an annual meeting) are accorded the same respect as veterans.

2. Visit the new website at https://forum.501fusers.org

The 501F Users Group moved to a new website March 1, shortly after the conclusion of its 2019 meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz. It is the official business portal, library of presentations, and content host for discussion threads of importance for the 501F Users Group. Construction of the new site was completed in early 2019, with ongoing improvements being implemented to optimize functionality for users.

Users already are benefitting from the technical content gathered at meetings since 2008. You can too, by registering for access. It’s easy: Go to https://forum.501fusers. org and click on the “Sign Up” button. Required information includes a corporate email address, username and password, and answers to a few questions regarding job responsibilities. This shouldn’t take you more than two or three minutes. Next step: The board will review your qualifications and typically respond within one business day.

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