7F Digital Conference: Week 3 starts tomorrow, focuses on rotors, lubricants, repair of HGP parts

Week Three of the 7F Users Group’s innovative 2020 Digital Conference begins tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern with Tim Null, O&M team manager at Eastman Chemical Co’s 7FA.03-powered 2 × 1 combined-cycle cogen facility, presenting a case history on the Texas plant’s experience in finding and eliminating the source of water contaminating its lube-oil system.

Week Two of the conference, like Week One, characterized by meaningful discussion and presentations sharing valuable lessons learned, exceeded expectations. Nearly 600 owner/operators registered for the meeting. Sessions are scheduled for the next three weeks (including this week), closing July 16. Registration remains open for users only at no charge.

The content is compelling and easy to access; plus, no travel required, no additional cost to the plant. Q&A following the presentations is more robust and efficient than at most face-to-face meetings which have “dead” time as microphones are passed around the room and attendees gravitate to email. And don’t forget the perspective gained through use of the live polling system accessible by all attendees.

Tomorrow’s Auxiliaries Session, chaired by Entergy Corp’s Bryan Graham, has an open discussion period scheduled after Null’s presentation. Later in the program are the following special technical presentations, by vendors, that have been vetted by the 7F Steering Committee:

Attendees will have access to these speakers after their presentations during a “private” vendor fair for both suppliers, enabling a deeper dive into specific details of value to their plants.

The Rotor Session, directed by Matt Dineen of Duke Energy, chair of the 7F Users Group’s 2020 meeting, debuts on Wednesday at 1 p.m. The feature presentation is on rotor maintenance experiences. Vistra Energy’s Seth Story, will help attendees extract the most value from their assets.

Immediately following rotor Q&A and open discussion, Glenn Turner, Doosan’s VP of Engineering, will present on the following topics:

    • DART/AGP parts program development.

    • 04 parts repair development.

Turner and colleagues will be in Doosan’s “booth” at the exclusive virtual vendor fair that follows this session where they will be available to answer your questions.

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