How to remove the field from a 7FA H2-cooled generator—the Sulzer way

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Typically, installation of a 7FA provides for a gravel pad below the inlet filter house. While standard for this frame, it often causes major headaches for maintenance managers when it comes time to perform the first major inspection of generator internals.

The turbine inlet house is located directly over the generator service access location and extends approximately 40 ft beyond it at an elevation of more than 10 ft above ground level. This makes the generator inaccessible to mobile cranes.

Sulzer’s solution is to install a concrete pad to support its engineered extraction tooling, thereby eliminating the cost and safety issues associated with using a large amount of cribbing—the alternative. Once the pad is complete, Sulzer installs its extraction platforms. They are self-contained and can be installed in approximately two days with only minimal cribbing to allow for leveling of the skids.

Sulzer designed the extraction platforms for the typical installation and to accommodate the external cooling-water piping. Once the platforms are set and leveled, 1-in.-thick steel plates are set on top with a 4-in.-wide steel channel. This forms the track for the mechanical screw actuators and machinery skates that will support the removal of the 40-ton generator field.

Once the field is removed, a temporary enclosure can be built on the deck for testing and cleaning it. Or, additional platforms can be added in the event the rotor must be transported offsite for additional testing or repairs.

With the recent addition to the group of Sulzer Dowding & Mills, Sulzer Turbo Services also can offer comprehensive evaluation and complete repair services through the company’s global network of experts and US-based workshop facilities.

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