7FUG 2020: Hilco

Hilco’s Coalescer Separator and Oil Mist Eliminator



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About Hilco

HILCO brings fluid contamination problems under control, cost effectively with our full range of engineered filters, cartridges, reclaimers, coolant recyclers & fluid conditioning systems. We go beyond filters to provide a full service fluids management process, from obtaining samples, to fluid analysis, consulting on equipment, field techs, start up help, and more.

HILCO Products reduce the cost of new oil purchases, decrease disposal costs, lessen component wear, reduce downtime and help curtail environmental contamination.

Products and Services

The reliability and efficiency of any filtration system is chiefly dependent on the quality of the cartridges used in it. HILCO has a full line of filter cartridges for virtually every application depending on size, filtration efficiencies and dirt-holding capacity. Most fluids can be restored to a like-new condition. HILCO’s on-site testing facility is continuously examining and improving cartridge performance as customer’s needs evolve. HILCO is a major to supplier to original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Some of our products include:

  • Our 3870-01-068-C (GE P/N 377A9841P002) is a replacement Gas Turbine lube oil filter element for the Pall filter elements.

  • Our 3870-03-089-CGE (GE P/N 377A9841P009) this is an anti-static filter element that goes in our Gas Turbine lube oil filter vessels.

  • Our 3870-01-094-GEJ (GE P/N 117T1549P0002), this is an anti-static steam turbine lube oil filter since most of the users will be combined cycle plants I am sure.

  • ET718-DR-03ZZXCO ionic exchange cartridge

HILCO Laboratory Services provide a full suite of rigorous world-class test capabilities to support industrial filtration and fluids analysis. Our Laboratory Services are used in product development, evaluating potential customer problems or needs, and competitor performance. Our laboratory houses uncommon testing systems such high flow rate systems, low pressure tests, collapse integrity tests, water test stands, multi-pass testing stands and static discharge testing stands.

HILCO Laboratory Services is committed to supporting continuous improvement in testing of vessel designs, cartridge configuration, and cartridge media. We are able to offer customized and optimized solutions to liquid fuel filtration, fluids filtration, fluids reclamation and conditioning testing that will ensure your equipment’s reliability.




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