7FUG 2020 Live: Shell Lubricants


Varnish Mitigation: Not a One-Size-Fits-All

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 @ 2:30pm Eastern / 11:30am Pacific


Dr. Rob Profilet – Product Application Specialist

With an undergraduate degree and PhD in chemistry, Dr. Rob Profilet began his career in industrial lubricants at Texaco in 1993, as a product development chemist. He held various roles in product development, product management and industrial marketing for Equilon and Shell from 1998 to 2006. After 8 years at Lubrizol, as their global commercial manager for hydraulics, Rob started his current role at Shell in 2014.

Chelsea Kovanda – Power Generation Product Manager

Chelsea Kovanda is the power generation product line manager for American Chemical Technologies, a manufacturer of a line of lubricants incorporating unique non-varnishing Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) base stocks. Chelsea has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kentucky, and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. She has 6 years’ experience with PAG-based lubricants and technically representing them into the Steel, Entertainment, Marine, and Power Generation markets. As a specialist in the Power Generation product line, she has drafted and given many presentations on the value and performance benefits that PAGs can offer this industry.

Presentation Synopsis

Varnish has been a problem plaguing the power generation industry for decades. With new technologies, base stocks, and testing methods out on the market how do you determine the best method for your unique system? And how do you maintain it to make sure it is reliable long term? Using case studies and lab results, this presentation will go through the composition of varnish, its implications, and various ways to mitigate varnish.

Key Takeaways for Users

  • Mitigating varnish is not a one size fits all

  • Basic understanding of the various options including filtration units, cleaning/high velocity flushing, and the top-tier chemical treatments and the short/long term solutions they provide

  • Replacement fluids

  • Chemical makeup, solvency, and benefits of different base stocks

  • Fluid maintenance

  • Understanding of what is possible based on actual customers results


Dr. Rob Profilet, Shell Product Application Expert – Robert.Profilet@shell.com

Chelsea Kovanda, ACT – ckovanda@americanchemtech.com

Mark Albert, Power Key Account Manager – Mark.Albert@shell.com

Doug Tshudy – Power Key Account Manager – Douglas.Tshudy@shell.com

Hector Lara – Power Sales Team Lead – Hector.Lara@shell.com

Shanna Bauer – Power Sector Marketing Manager – Shanna.Bauer@shell.com

About Shell/ACT

Rising global energy demand is placing increasing pressure on power engineers to consistently deliver peak performance. Shell Lubricants aims to provide you with industry insights, products, services and training to help you maintain reliable, efficient equipment with peace-of-mind.

Products and Services

We offer OEM-approved products for industrial applications from turbine oils to greases and gearbox oils, and we now offer the ACT line of PAG products as well. We are proud to also offer supporting services such as LubeAnalyst fluid condition monitoring, LubeOptimizer reliability services, and more.




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