7FUG 2020: Rochem Technical Services

Compressor Cleaning Best Practices


Martin Howarth, Managing Director

Martin joined Rochem in 1992 as Technical Manager based in the UK. He has over 35 years experience in the gas turbine field, initially working for Centrax Gas Turbines as a Commissioning Engineering before progressing to Shell in the Netherlands as an Operations and Maintenance Engineer in CHP projects. He then transferred to Emstar PLC as a Senior Commissioning Engineer for a CHP plant in Greenwich, completing that stage of his career as Operations and Maintenance Manager, before joining Rochem.

Martin started his career as a Marine Engineering Officer in the British Merchant Navy, travelling the world before returning to university to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering. An extensive knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering together with hands on experience with gas turbines provides a bedrock for his work at Rochem. He was appointed Rochem Group Engineering Manager in 2002 and then Managing Director in June 2016. He is now enjoying the new challenge of leading the company forward.

Life outside of Rochem:
Martin’s long-time hobby is scuba diving in which he is highly qualified, having dived in waters stretching from Australia to his home patch of Cornwall. He is a keen motorcyclist, adventure riding extensively across Europe and into Africa. Currently his main pursuit is triathlon, having completed several half iron man events.

Steve Egelhoff, Sales Manager

Steve began his career with Magnavox Advanced Products division in Torrance, CA where he worked on the military GPS Phase II program as the engineering liaison to purchasing. He then moved to a Japanese import/export company for military electronics and aircraft spare parts where he became involved with compressor cleaning of gas turbine engines. Steve joined Lucas Aerospace in 1991 as the product specialist for gas turbine engine cleaning and was promoted to product manager responsible for the engine department. Joining Rochem in 1997 as the northeast sales representative. A “field guy” who has developed the eastern seaboard and the Midwest. In 2017 promoted to sales manager with the added responsibility for overseeing the gulf region sales. In early 2019 Steve was promoted to Sales Manager-Americas responsible for continuing the growth of sales throughout the Americas. He leads a team of dedicated Rochem sales people, sales and production support as well as Distributors and Agents in the Americas.
Steve enjoys his large music library of vinyl, CDs and digital music from various eras and plays on a number of guitars collected over the years. Also enjoys boating, cooking, golf, and watching his favorite sports teams.

Presentation Synopsis

We will draw on our technical expertise and dovetail real field experience to provide gas turbine compressor cleaning best practices by empowering end users to gain efficiency, save cost and increase availability at their plant.

Key Takeaways for Users

  • Minimise compressor wash time

  • Low foaming cleaning chemicals

  • Increased performance recovery


Steve Egelhoff – Sales Manager – 203-994-3307 – steve.egelhoff@rochemltd.com
Craig Palumbo – Technical Sales Representative – 609-374-5822 – craig.palumbo@rochemltd.com
Alex Hofer – Sales Representative – 260-750-5729 – alex.hofer@rochemltd.com
Martin Howarth – Managing Director – +44 7770 796015 – Martin.Howarth@rochem.co.uk

About Rochem Technical Services

Rochem Technical Services has been a world leader in gas turbine and process compressor cleaning technology, cleaning chemicals and associated equipment since 1978.

Rochem offers a range of highly effective gas turbine cleaning systems, precision designed nozzles and powerful specialist compressor cleaning chemicals to keep your turbines operating at peak efficiency. FYREWASH Chemicals were designed for all types of fouling and meet current OEM and environmental standards world-wide.

We can save you millions by:

  • Providing high quality, innovative products to significantly reduce your costs;
  • Delivering a solution that is quick and easy to implement, even with limited man hours;
  • Enabling you to clean in operating hours;
  • Reducing your stress and maximizing your profits.

The Rochem Centre of Excellence in British Engineering is on hand with advice and guidance so that you always implement industry best practice.


In a nutshell, the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range has been created to take the stress and worry out of industrial gas turbine cleaning. It can be customised to your specific requirements and is suitable for use in hazardous areas including gas platforms. With the option to choose whether you conduct an on-line or off-line clean each time, this tried and tested technology keeps you in control while enabling efficient and reliable cleaning. You can also choose a standard set up or opt for customisation to suit your specific requirements.

The Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range is comprehensive and fully self-contained with the option for either a mobile or static set up. Simple to use, the system achieves exceptional results with very little effort.

This product range supplies gas turbine wash nozzles and the supporting hardware to enable on-line and off-line gas turbine cleaning. Once installed, these nozzles spray atomised water and detergent (if desired) into the compressor. This water then safely and effectively removes foulants which otherwise interrupt airflow and cause a drop-in efficiency.

The nozzles deliver a carefully measured, safe and effective droplet size which is large enough to ensure a thorough clean while remaining small enough to avoid erosion. Wash fluid is injected through the lowest number of injection nozzles possible while still fully wetting the compressor blades.

To keep the clean as cost effective as possible, we’ve also carefully calculated how to achieve the maximum wash fluid/blade contact time while keeping the volume of water/detergent to a minimum. This effective cleaning process can be conducted during normal use (on-line) to achieve a clean without interrupting productivity, or for a more thorough off-line clean at your discretion.

Finally, to ensure faultless installation and first use, each Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range is fully factory tested before dispatch and designed for quick and easy installation at your facility.

Products and Services

The Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range

When it comes to cleaning industrial gas turbines, it pays to do things right. A properly cleaned gas turbine is more efficient, safer and cheaper to run. The thought of designing, installing and maintaining an effective cleaning regime may sound daunting. So, to help make things easy, we’ve designed the Rochem Gas Turbine Cleaning Product Range to take care of the details when it comes gas turbine cleaning.

  • Rochem FYREWASH Gas Turbine Cleaning Chemical
  • Rochem FYREWASH gas turbine compressor cleaning nozzles
  • Rochem FYREWASH gas turbine compressor cleaning wash delivery systems – standard & bespoke designs
  • Rochem FYREWASH gas turbine compressor cleaning observation windows

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