7FUG 2020: VAW Systems Ltd.

VAW Systems – Exhaust System Retrofit Approach


Dominic J. Crnkovich – Manager of Retrofit Solutions

30 plus years of experience with corporate operations, design, sales and installations related to custom industrial acoustical products, structures, custom thermal insulation, ancillary products and steel fabrications to the power and process industries.


Dennis Seitz – Business Development Manager

25 plus years of engineering and sales experience related to noise control for the power generation and gas transmission industries.

Presentation Synopsis

  • Introduction of VAW Systems
  • Introduction of Presenters and Experience
  • History of Exhaust System Designs
  • Overview of Exhaust System Failures and New Challenges
  • VAW Systems Approach to Exhaust System Repair/Replacement
  • Details of Associated and Ancillary Equipment Offered by VAW Systems
  • Closing Remarks

Key Takeaways for Users

  • Modes of Legacy GT Exhaust System Failures
  • Available Improvements for System Longevity
  • Other related products that VAW Systems can provide.


Dominic Crnkovich
Manager of Retrofit Solutions
1300 Inkster Blvd., Winnipeg, MB, R2X 1P5
T: 888.697.7700 x851
D: 204.697.7851
C: 219.477.9667
F: 800.665.1315

Dennis Seitz
Business Development Manager
1300 Inkster Blvd., Winnipeg, MB, R2X 1P5
T: 204.697.7770 ext. 823
C: 520-204-3411 (US)
F: 204.697.7789

Katie Reynolds
Director of Sales | Commercial & Industrial Divisions
1300 Inkster Blvd., Winnipeg, MB, R2X 1P5
T: 204.697.7773
C: 204.806.8286

About VAW Systems Ltd.

VAW Systems strives to be the pre-eminent global supplier of engineered noise control products. Our company’s founding principle of integrity is solidly rooted in our business today. VAW was established with customer focus at the forefront of all of our activities ensures that our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, on time delivery, competitively priced, high quality and innovative products. Our goal is to always meet or exceed customer expectations; as a supplier to some of the largest companies in the world, VAW’s quality standards meet or exceed their expectations. Our versatility allows us to competitively deliver single piece orders, and large multi-truckloads shipments. Each day we demonstrate how easy we are to deal with, finding solutions and delivering high quality products

Products and Services

Turbine Products

VAW Systems is the industry leading designer and manufacturer of noise control solutions for a variety of turbine applications. Our silencers, filtration systems, and related components meet the high performance demands and rigorous quality standards of modern power plant facilities. VAW Systems delivers high acoustic performance and low pressure drop, while maintaining a relatively small foot-print, as part of the complete turbine package. VAW Systems is actively involved in the retrofit and refurbishing of existing facilities. A team of application engineers and project managers may perform site sound evaluations and measurements to ensure proper selection of equipment.

Industrial Products

VAW Systems is the industry leading designer and manufacturer of industrial noise control products. Our energy efficient fan silencers are aerodynamically designed to be directly mounted to any fan. VAW Systems silencers are optimized to deliver high levels of attenuation (insertion loss) with minimal pressure drop and adverse fan system interactions. Filter boxes, hoods and other duct fittings are matched to the silencer in order to meet your system performance requirements.

The steam vent silencers are custom designed to meet the most demanding process steam applications and noise criteria. They can be designed to meet OSHA standards or residential property line noise criteria. Whether it is air, gas or steam the VAW vent silencer can meet the acoustic requirements, dimensional measurements to ensure proper selection of equipment.

Spec Sheets

VAW Retrofit Solutions Brochure

VAW Systems TES Product Sheet

VAW Systems TIS Product Sheet

VAW Systems IFH Product Sheet

VAW Systems VS Product Sheet Turbine

VAW Systems SE Product Sheet

VAW Industrial Brochure




1300 Inkster Blvd
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