ACC owner/operators scheduled to meet in Danbury in early fall

The ACC Users Group has selected the Crown Plaza Danbury in Connecticut for its 12th Annual Conference, September 28 to October 1. Presentations and discussions will focus on operation and maintenance, design and performance, and chemistry and corrosion. Follow the progress in program development on the organization’s website after May 1. Direct questions on the meeting to Conference Manager Sheila Vashi.

A highlight of the 2020 event will be a tour of CPV Towantic Energy Center, sponsored by owner Competitive Power Ventures. It features what is believed to be the world’s largest induced-draft ACC (photo). The so-called InAIR design by ENEXIO, formerly GEA’s Power Cooling Div, resembles an upside-down classic ACC (sketches).

Benefits of the induced-draft design, according to ENEXIO, include the following:

    • Reduced height, compared to a classic ACC, which translates to less visual impact.

    • Smaller footprint, reducing the amount of structural steel required.

    • Faster construction.

    • Less scaffolding required during erection.

    • No fan bridge required, contributing to less vibratory stress and longer life of rotating equipment.

    • Minimum air recirculation, which is attributed to high exit velocity.

    • Less sensitivity to wind effects.

Steering Committee

Chair: Dr Andrew Howell, EPRI

Dr Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity Associates

Oscar Hernandez, InterGen

Riad Dandan, Dominion Energy

Recall that the ACC Users Group is the electric power industry’s only user organization dedicated to resolving issues with air-cooled condensers. It was formed in 2009 by NV Energy and CCJ to foster collaboration among owner/operators of powerplants with air-cooled condensers. User participants include water chemists and O&M personnel at steam plants, combined-cycle facilities, and other types of generating stations relying on dry cooling.  

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