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Joe Magner
Director Power Aftermarket

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About AAF

Modern air filtration started with AAF.
Ninety years later, it still does.

For over 90 years, AAF has been a leader in the field of air filtration, through the most demanding conditions and the toughest environmental challenges. The filtration, noise abatement and other turbine products we make are effective, durable and crucial to greater efficiency and performance in a wide range of industries. Don’t trust your productivity to anything less than a leader.

From its world headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, AAF maintains operations in 24 countries with more than 2,800 employees worldwide. AAF is supported in its international ventures through the resources of its parent company, Daikin Industries, Ltd., a diversified international manufacturing company and global leader in air-conditioning based in Osaka, Japan.

AAF offers the most comprehensive global manufacturing capabilities in the air filtration industry, and each facility is specifically designed to manufacture and test the most complex clean air solutions. Additionally, each facility manufactures to the appropriate international quality and performance standards. Our goal is excellence in each product we make.

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Performance advantages for Power and Industry.

AAF Power and Industrial Gas Turbine Division is a global leader in gas turbine filtration, providing innovative solutions that deliver cleaner air, greater fuel efficiency and extended maintenance intervals. Our products are currently used in thousands of installations around the world, protecting gas turbines in arduous environments from soaking salt spray to blowing desert sand.

Some of the world’s most important industries rely on AAF.

  • Industrial and residential power generation facilities rely on AAF solutions to deliver uninterrupted protection and extended maintenance intervals so that they can supply customers with the power they need to work and live.

  • Oil and gas transmission facilities, especially those found in remote locations, trust AAF to protect gas turbines from sand, dust and other impurities that can hamper performance and create costly down time.

  • Offshore Oil & Gas production installations rely on AAF’s uniquely constructed filters to provide lasting protection even in soaking rain, corrosive salt spray and heavy fog.

No matter what your environment or your needs, AAF has a filtration solution that will deliver measurable results, without requiring substantial retrofitting or complicated installation.

AAF brings more than 90 years of expertise to every product, project and customer. Consequently, our field service is responsive, thorough and professional. No matter where your location, our technicians can provide professional repairs to your gas turbine’s ancillary equipment, with every service and part backed by a robust warranty. Restore your equipment to factory-new performance with the help of the industry’s experts.

Operating environments and performance expectations are rarely fixed for the working life of a plant. Over time, needs and expectations change, which can leave original equipment ill-suited to current working conditions.

In response, AAF’s technical center has engineered solution driven modification, upgrade and conversion packages which can be applied to Gas Turbine and Diesel Engine equipment. By implementing solutions from AAF’s engineering division, plant owners can keep existing equipment compliant with regulations, and upgrade and modify older existing equipment to be better suited for current demands.

In many cases, AAF solutions allow equipment that has reached the end of its useful life or no longer delivers acceptable performance to be reused again, saving owners the expense of total replacement.

AAF delivers output and availability above your expectations, with benefits that include:

  • Proven output gains
  • Increased machine reliability
  • Proven extension to equipment life
  • Extended intervals between maintenance and shutdowns

We know your equipment, your business, and your schedule.

Every gas turbine operator is unique. Consequently, AAF believes that the best service solutions start with a detailed understanding of the business and its equipment, expectations and demands. Using this information, AAF will create and implement a custom plan to maintain and monitor your gas turbine air intake, exhaust, ventilation, acoustic systems and other vital components that help protect gas turbines and maximize availability.

AAF services preserve your equipment health and performance at all times, and include:

  • Full inspection and maintenance of GT ancillaries
  • Plant acoustic management
  • Air Quality Guarantee
  • Gas turbine efficiency reporting
  • Inventory management (filter and spares)
  • Installation supervision and commissioning specialists
  • Equipment life assessments
  • Health and Safety risk assessed
  • On and offshore equipment dimensional assessments
  • Materials and design analysis
  • Repair/troubleshooting
  • In situ or factory repair to OEM standards
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

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