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American Chemical Technologies

485 E. Van Riper Rd
Fowlerville, MI
United States
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James Kovanda
Vice President

P: 800-938-0101
M: 270-392-1301
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About American Chemical Technologies

In two ISO-certified production facilities, American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT) manufacturers a line of state-of-the-art synthetic lubricants that provide solutions to issues challenging industry. 

Founded more than 35 years ago in the United States, ACT has grown to become an International Supplier of value-added, worker-friendly lubricants. Our unique line of hydraulic, gear, compressor, and turbine fluids incorporate unique polyalkylene glycol (PAG) base stocks that provide value and benefit to equipment and the environment within the Primary Metals (Steel & Aluminum), Power Generation, and Marine Industries. 

PAG possesses the following inherent properties:

  • Hydrolytic stability – operates without issue with up to 7,500 ppm water 
  • Superior oxidation resistance – providing extended drain intervals
  • Chemically incapable of producing varnish – unprecedented servo valve performance
  • Non-Sheening
  • Worker-Friendly

ACT remains committed to the development of advanced lubricant technologies, supported by unprecedented technical service representing the foundation of our success.

Products and Services

EcoSafe®TF-25 ~ a premium non-varnishing synthetic turbine fluid for Heavy Duty Gas Turbines.  ESTF-25 is formulated to reduce or eliminate; friction, static discharge, micro-dieseling, servo valve sticking/failure, varnish formation, shutdowns, & factored starts.

Specification Sheets

EcoSafe TF-25 Brochure
EcoSafe TF-25 Case Study
EcoSafe Revive Brochure
EcoSafe EHC Brochure
Trident AW Brochure
Trident AW Environmental Bulletin
Polyalkylene Glycol Technology
Checkmate Program Trending Reports
EcoGear EP Series
EcoGear Non-EP Series
Neptune Gear EP Lubricants

EcoSafe® Revive ~ oil-soluble polyalkylene glycol additive package that can be incorporated into any commercial hydrocarbon-based lubricant to shift the polarity and solubilize the more polar varnish decomposition products.  At a 10-15% treat level, the fluid will repair turbine fluids that have been identified by outside labs with “Caution, Abnormal, or Severe” warnings or “Elevated” and “High Varnish Potential” ratings. 

EcoSafe® EHC ~ Factory Mutual Approved synthetic fluid for Electro-Hydraulic Controlled systems.  ES EHC; increases system reliability, is non-sludge/varnish forming, environmentally friendly, fire retardant, is worker friendly, and will yield extended fluid service life.

American Chemical Technologies, Inc. also supplies and/or manufactures non-sheening hydraulic fluids & gear oils for water sensitive applications in the marine and Hydro-Electric industries.


Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines

Replacement oil
Varnish control


Replacement oil
Varnish control