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Advanced Turbine Support LLC

6280 SW 103 Street
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Owner Contact Information
Rod Shidler-President/Owner
Primary (352) 302-2364
Office (352)-332-4061

Rick Ginder-CEO/Owner
Primary (352) 262-5448
Office (352)-332-4061

Scheduling, Technical Information, and Inspection Recommendations
Michael Hoogsteden-Director of Field Services
Primary (727)-631-1467
Office (352)-332-4061

Purchase Orders, Estimates, Business Admin, Contracts, and Billing
Chris McGinley-Operations Manager
Primary (352) 231-5284
Office (352)-332-4061

Report Reviews and Inspection Recommendations
Brett Fuller-Field Service Manager
Primary (404)-313-0085
Office (352)-332-4061

About Advanced Turbine Support

Advanced Turbine Support, LLC has been delivering un-biased fleet experience and superior customer service for over a decade. We provide users with High Resolution Borescope inspections, cutting edge Ultrasonic & Eddy Current inspections and Magnetic Particle & Liquid Dye Penetrant inspections in accordance with OEM Technical Information Letters and Service Bulletins.

Many of our inspections were developed in house and are not offered by any other inspection company. We have developed proprietary techniques that allow us to perform remote blend removal of cracks or impact damage on the first few stages of most compressor rotor blades and stator vanes. We are the only company that can provide in-situ blending and or shim removal from the 7FA S0-2 and 7EA S1-2 stator vanes. We have patented Eddy Current Probes that allow us to perform the TIL 1795 L-0 40″ Titanium Blade inspection in-situ. Our final report delivery time averages 24 hours after the inspection has been completed. This timely service and commitment to our customers saves millions of dollars in lost availability and maintenance costs.

Inspection & Repair Services from Advanced Turbine Support

Gas, Steam Turbines


• In-Situ High Resolution Borescope Inspections

• In-Situ NDT, NDE, Eddy Current, Ultrasonic,
   Liquid Dye Penetrant Inspections

• Magnetic Particle Inspections

• Mold Services

• Compressor Shim Mapping and Shim Removal

• Compressor and Turbine Blade and Stator
   Vane Blending Services

• High Resolution Borescope Inspections

• In-Situ Eddy Current Inspections

• AeroPac Spark Erosion Inspections

• End Winding and Stator Field Inspections

• Balance Weight Inspections





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Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines


Compressor, repair