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Advanced Filtration Concepts Inc

14010 Gracebee Ave.
Norwalk/Los Angeles, CA  90650
United States
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Teri Moyer

General Manager

P: 323-832-8316 x12
M: 323-697-5559
F: 323-832-8318

About AFC

Advanced Filtration Concepts (AFC) offers new and innovative filtration products for the GT/ CC power industry. Invest to save with inlet air filters that are high efficiency, low back-pressure and long lasting. As the largest stocking distributor of industrial air filters in the Western United States, AFC is here to meet your most urgent GT inlet filtration needs. Turnkey installation available.

Specification Sheets

EFS V4 Bank Filter 
EFS Cage Backed V4 Bank Filter |
EFS Composite Filter for LM Units
EFS Pre-Filter Pleat for LM Units
EFS GDX Pulseable Canister Filter
EFS Pre-Filter Wrap for GDX Canister
EFS Coalescer Pocket Filter
EFS Reverse Pocket Filter

EFS F6 Rigid Pocket Filter
EFS GT Inlet Filter Accessories 
EFS GT Inlet Filter Wraps and Socks
Purolator MARK 80D Pleated Filter 

Purolator Activator Ring Panels and Links

Viledon GTC 90P Cartridge Filter
Viledon TFP 90P Cartridge Filter
Viledon MX 95 Cassette Filter
Viledon MV95 V-Style Filter 
EFS Evap Media

Munters CELdek with MI-T-edg
Munters CELdek Evaporative Media
Munters CELdek 5090 Evap Cooling Pad

Products and Services

Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filters

• Viledon


• Purolator

• more

Turnkey Installation

• Highly trained AFC service crew is available to provide expert filter installation, removal and disposal

• Installation and/or filter change-out is formulated to meet your specified goals and timeframe

• Skilled AFC filter technicians systematically install filters as needed

• Careful consideration and review is given to ensure perfect alignment, proper tightness, and a perfect seal to avoid filter bypass

Filter Testing

• AFC generated test report includes Air Flow, Dirt Load, DP, and Media Degradation to help you determine when it is time to replace filters

Site Surveys/Inspection

• Provide visual inspections for proper installation filter cleanliness, rusty/damaged filter frames, leak paths (bypass), damage, and proper yolk and clip assembly

Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines



Contract maintenance