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4000 Tower Road
Louisville, KY 40219
United States
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Donald Shepherd
Vice President

P: 502-964-3361
M: 502-445-8565
F: 502-810-0984


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About Caldwell Energy

The Most Technologically Advanced Power Augmentation Systems.

Our power augmentation systems, including inlet fogging and wet compression solutions, are a cost-effective option for boosting the output and efficiency of gas turbines. With more than 500,000 hours of operating experience in power generation applications around the world, these systems offer proven performance.

Products and Services

Caldwell Wet Compression Technology ™
Patented Compressor Intercooling Technology
• 25% Increase in Power Output
• 2% Heat Rate Improvement
• 10% Incremental Heat Rate Improvement
 • For less than $100/kW installed
• 3-year Warranty

Evaporative Cooling Technology for Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) Technology
• 10% Increase in Power Output
• 4% Heat Rate Improvement
• 20% Incremental Heat Rate Improvement
• 40% Reduction on NOx
• For less than $35/kW installed
• 3-year Warranty
Chiller based Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) Technology
• Increase output up to 22%
• Best cooling technology for newer, high-firing turbines
• Consistent inlet temperature and turbine output

Thermal Energy Storage Turbine Inlet Cooling (TIC) Technology
• Increase peak output up to 30%
• Can be designed utilizing ice or chilled water
• Largest augmentation effect 2% Heat Rate Improvement

Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines



10 to 60 MW
Over 60 MW

Wetted media
Mechanical refrigeration
Absorption cooling
Wet compression

Performance assessment
Machinery diagnostic services

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Air Inlet System Special Report: Evap Coolers, Fogging