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Evapco-BLCT Dry Cooling, Inc.


1011 US Highway 22 West
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
United States
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Andrew Smith

VP – Business Development

P: 908-895-3240
M: 303-625-3859


About Evapco


EVAPCO is more than a name. We are a global innovator in heat transfer solutions for the commercial HVAC, industrial refrigeration, power and industrial process markets. We pledge to make everyday life easier, more comfortable, more reliable and more sustainable for people everywhere.


In 2011, EVAPCO and Beijing Longyuan Cooling Technology Company, LTD (BLCT) joined forces to pursue the global Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) and hybrid cooling market for the power industry. The company formed is a United States based company serving the global market named EVAPCO-BLCT Dry Cooling. We are dedicated to servicing the power industry with innovative and state-of-the-art water conserving condensing products. With a 100% dry cooled, or hybrid solution, EVAPCO-BLCT’s systems are installed where water is most valuable.

Products and Services

EVAPCO-BLCT specializes in the design and supply of ACCs and ACHEs for the power industry. EVAPCO-BLCT has over 5000 MW of operating references in the United States and is considered a premier ACC supplier for the global power market. With a 100% US-based execution team and experience in supplying ACCs globally, Evapco-BLCT has the knowledge of designing to the codes and regulations of any region in the world.

Additionally Evapco-BLCT supplies air cooled heat exchanges to the power industry. Our latest heat transfer solutions are the factory-assembled eco-Air Series of dry fluid coolers used most commonly for plant auxiliary cooling. Often, due to site specific design requirements that mandate the use of an air cooled steam condenser for the steam cycle, an air cooled heat exchanger is also required for the plant auxiliary cooling.

For existing ACC owners EVAPCO-BLCT offers a number of services including:

  • Mechanical equipment inspections
  • Internal and external fin tube inspections
  • Fin tube cleaning systems
  • CFD modeling
  • Structural evaluations
  • ACC thermal performance evaluation
  • ACC tube bundle replacement
  • Dry to hybrid and wet to hybrid cooling system conversion
  • Wind screen evaluation
  • Re-configuring ACC operating logic

Regardless of the Air Cooled Condenser OEM, EVAPCO-BLCT can support any ACC spares requirement. Through strong relationships with key suppliers, EVAPCO-BLCT can supply spare parts at competitive rates. Common spare parts include:

  • Fan
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Steam jet air ejectors
  • Vacuum pumps 
  • Rupture disks
  • Vacuum breaker valves
  • Isolation valves
  • Cleaning system components


Areas of Expertise

Steam Turbines

Air-cooled condensers