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Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE)

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Jorge Cadena
Director of Sales

P: 678-528-3551

About GTE

For over 50 years, Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE)  has been providing solutions involving the application of electrical, mechanical and process related equipment and components optimizing system performance. Our experienced team of engineers and designers have solid industrial process backgrounds with expertise in fluid systems, instrumentation, and system controls.

Document control complies with the most demanding requirements for revision control, the support of process and equipment installation. GTE’s offerings range from stand-alone proprietary systems supplied with OEM equipment to fully integrated, remote-monitored, hardwired and web-based systems. These systems provide operator and supervisory control, alarming, and monitoring as well as administrative performance summary analyses.

Our Service Excellence process for GTE is to ensure all customer needs are met according to their requirements and standards, and to protect our customers’ interests by applying robust industry quality standards. GTE has developed and maintains a quality management system that encompasses all personnel and all areas of its business, and are certified to ISO 9001, ASME, AWS, and/or ATEX standards.

Products and Services


Full Scope of Products & Services
Water Injection & Power Augmentation
Compressor Water Wash Systems
Controls and Auxiliaries
Water Injection Systems
Case Study: PAKA Frame 9 Water Wash
Case Study: Direct Energy 7EA
Case Study: Cleco 501F Compressor

EcoValue™ products deliver economic and ecological/ environmental improvements for its clients. The focus is on improved performance and availability, fuel efficiency, restoration of optimal design and parts life extension.

The following categories of EcoValue™ products in Oil and Gas and Power Generation Applications:
• Compressor Wash
• Power Augmentation
• Inlet/Exhaust Optimization Combined Wash/Augmentation

Combustion Turbine Auxiliaries
• Lube Oil
• Water Injection
• Fluid Controls
• Prefabricated Piping and Tubing

Instrument and Electrical Controls
• PLC/HMI and Operator Interface
• Performance Monitoring
• Generator Protection
• Seal Gas

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Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Cleaning, systems


   Low-NOx efficiency improvement


   Wet compression