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About Hydro Inc

Hydro’s engineered solutions enable combined cycle plants to achieve pump reliability and reduced maintenance / operation costs. Hydro’s global network of pump aftermarket service centers offers a range of services to combined cycle and cogeneration plants; including pump rebuilding, engineering services, hydraulic design modifications and engineered upgrades, replacement parts, field services, turnkey services and project management, and pump performance testing for horizontal, vertical and submersible pumps up to 5000HP.

As the largest independent pump rebuilder, Hydro works hand-in-hand with pump users to optimize the performance and reliability of their pumping systems. Hydro’s mission was developed in 1969 when Hydro realized that as an independent pump rebuilding company, Hydro had a unique capability of analyzing and understanding various designs as well as their successes or failures in specific applications and operating environments.

Based on this extensive empirical data, Hydro was in an excellent position to improve the original designs of many types of pumps for their intended service. Hydro’s service centers rebuild and upgrade pumps from most major manufacturers. Because Hydro is independent, Hydro offers unbiased recommendations in every repair situation. Hydro is committed to pump users, not to a brand, and works to improve pump reliability and provide responsive service.

Products and Services

Comprehensive Pump Support – Reliable & Responsive Service
Hydro maintains a culture of quality and reliability throughout our worldwide pump service organization.

Engineered Pump Rebuilding

Since 1969, Hydro has built its worldwide pump service organization by bringing a high level of engineering expertise and quality service to the pump aftermarket. We work with pump users to evaluate and understand the root causes of pump degradation or failure and to provide unbiased engineering analysis, quality workmanship, pump testing, and responsive field service for improved plant operation.

Engineering Modifications and Upgrades

Hydraulic design modifications and upgrades are offered by Hydro’s engineers using state-of-the-art technology to analyze a pump’s hydraulic performance and to tailor new designs to meet a plant’s current requirements. Hydraulic modifications can result in reduced energy usage and improved pump performance.

Mechanical upgrades are available to reduce vibration, increase bearing and seal life, and reduce power consumption.  Hydro’s engineers review the pump’s design, check the existing geometry and make recommendations, such as precision split rings, interference fits, and establishing concentricities and perpendicularities to improve mean-time-between-repair.

Metallurgical upgrades are available by Hydro to improve a pump’s ability to withstand the corrosive or erosive effects of the liquid being pumped, improve a component’s tensile strength and prevent premature failure, improve a pump’s performance through reduced running clearances, and prevent pump seizures during run dry events.

Turnkey, Field Service and 24/7 Emergency Response

Hydro’s Field Service team has extensive knowledge of pumps from most major manufacturers and provides turnkey service, installation / start-up supervision, field machining, vibration analysis, laser alignment, pump system troubleshooting and emergency field response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Pump Parts

When you require a part and are facing a long lead time, Hydro can meet your needs in a reduced time frame through our reverse engineering, patternless casting, and integrated manufacturing processes. Hydro’s engineers review and evaluate all parts to offer important upgrades and apply new technologies that will reduce wear and improve reliability.

Pump Testing – Managing Risk

Ensure your pump will perform as required. Hydro’s 5000HP Pump Performance Test Lab is compliant to API610 and Hydraulic Institute standards and can test horizontal, vertical, and submersible pumps with hundreds of different suction and discharge configurations.

Pump Training

Hydro teaches practical solutions and troubleshooting techniques for common pump problems and offers specialized hands-on training programs which can be viewed online at www.hydroinc.com. 

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Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines 


CFD analysis
Outage planning
Performance assessment
Shaft alignment
Machinery diagnostic services