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Cross-threaded compression fitting connections repaired in seconds

Swagelok is the industry standard in compression fittings; these fittings are ideal for maintenance activities because of the leak proof quick disconnect and reconnect design. However, often during the critical time of reassembly, these fittings can be damaged from impact, debris, or cross threading. When the fitting can not be reassembled, replacement is the only option (tube, nuts, ferrules, and fittings). These reassembly delays, on average, cost companies hours of down time and thousands of dollars.

The KnechtionRepair tool is designed to make thread repairs to both the female and male ends of the compression fittings. Because of its small design, it can be used directly at the location of the damaged fitting. In most cases, the repair will be accomplished without removing the tube from the system. This will save the maintenance technician time and save the company money in avoiding additional down time.

Ken Knecht, inventor of the KnechtionRepair tools, has been in the gas and steam turbine power plant maintenance industry since 1975. Years of experience in tight places, encountering damaged threads on compression fittings, led him to design these remarkable tools.

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Available in 3/8 and 1/2 Available in 3/8 and 1/2 Available in 3/8 and 1/2
 Tap Kit  Die Kit Tap and Die Kit

KnechtionRepair tools are 100% manufactured in the USA. Both the taps and dies are precision ground and manufactured from heat-treated tool steel.  Further, the tool steel taps and dies are TiN coated for durability and protection. The holders and pilots are manufactured from 7075 aluminum and CNC machined. After machining, the finished holders and pilots are anodized in different colors for easy and quick identification. The tools are then packaged in a clear PVC plastic container for clean, efficient toolbox storage.

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Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines