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Liburdi Turbine Services – United States

2599 Charlotte Highway
Mooresville, NC 28117
United States
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Liburdi Turbine Services – Canada

400 Highway 6 North
Dundas, ON L9H 7K4
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Jeff Chapin
Business Development Manager
Office: 704-230-2521
Cell: 315-447-3780

Rob Rowland
Manager, IGT Components Repair
Office: 704-230-2510
Cell: 704-830-6762


Doug Nagy
Manager, IGT Components Repair
Office: 905-689-0734
Cell: 905-977-0815


About Liburdi

The Liburdi Turbine Services component repair shop facilities and laboratories are located the USA (Mooresville, NC) and in Canada (near Toronto).  We have over 200,000 sq ft of facilities to serve our customers from more than 25 countries worldwide – the major Power Generation and Oil and Gas operators.

Liburdi has also established joint venture facilities in Russia and China to serve those markets. Liburdi is unique in providing component repairs for all types of gas Turbine – Heavy Duty Industrial Frame, Aeroderivative, and Aircraft components ( with our FAA Approval). 

This advanced technology base, plus our Aerospace 9100 QA Certification, enables us to service the most advanced F and G class components. 

Specification Sheets

GT Engineering Services
FSR Rejuvenation
GE Frame 6FA, 7FA, 9FA
GE Frame 6B, 7EA, 9E
W501F & W501G
W501 & 11N2 Combustors
Combustor Repairs: GE, Siemens, Alstom, F-Class
LM2500, LM1600, and Power Turbine Repairs

Products and Services

Liburdi’s Advanced Repairs employ the latest technologies and are proven to extend the life of components for all engine types (see detailed specification sheets)

Heavy Duty Industrial Frame (E and F/G Class)
GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, Siemens V84/94, W251, W501, W191,  Alstom Type 11

Light Industrial
Siemens/Ruston TB5000, Tornado, Typhoon, Solar

Rolls-Royce RB211, Avon, Spey, GE LM1600, LM2500, LM6000, FT8

High reliability component repair and upgrade for blades, vanes, nozzles, shrouds, combustors, transitions.

Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines


Compressor, repair
Compressor, replacement
Turbine, repair
Turbine, replacement 

Compressor blades and vanes
Hot-gas-path parts

Replacement parts
Combustion dynamics monitoring

CFD analysis
Performance assessment





Liburdi in CCJ

headsUP: LM2500 turbine blades
headsUP: LM6000 Sprint compressors
Optimal turbine-bucket tip clearance promotes top power, efficiency
Advanced repair techniques prolong hot-section component life
Turbine Blades
W251 Users Group: R1 compressor-blade failures dominate discussion at annual meeting
W251 Users Group: Cost-effective repairs, life extension dominate discussions on ageing fleet