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About Parker GTF

With more than 50 years of experience delivering innovative solutions for gas turbine inlet filtration and monitoring fleet-wide performance data, our industry and applications experts will select the appropriate filter for your site designed to meet your specific operating goals.

Parker Gas Turbine Filtration, formerly CLARCOR Industrial Air, supplies a full range of inlet systems and filters engineered to meet your operating goals, including:

  • Higher power output
  • Lower operating costs
  • Proven performance utilizing advanced filter technology
  • Extended gas turbine availability
  • Maximum protection against corrosion and fouling
  • Easy maintenance and change out

Through our brands, altair® and clearcurrent®, we are the choice for advanced filtration for new units and replacement filters. Our inlet system designs include self-cleaning (pulse) and static inlet systems for all gas turbine OEMs. We supply a full range of filter types at all efficiency levels. The predictable and reliable performance of our air filters significantly reduces compressor contamination and the need for unplanned maintenance.

Industries Served: Energy & Electric Utilities, Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas, Marine.


Gas Turbine Inlet Filters and Systems, including:

  • Self-cleaning Pulse Cartridge Filters
  • Static vCell filters
  • Pre-filters and coalescers
  • Evaporative Cooling


  • Installation Services
  • Comprehensive Inlet Evaluation
  • OSM Performance Monitoring
  • Water Wash Analysis
  • Returned Filter Analysis
  • Corrosion Monitoring
  • Inlet Performance Upgrades

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Gas Turbines