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Praxair Surface Technologies Inc

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Michael Romero

Account Manager

P: 713-849-9474
M: 832-364-4988

About Praxair

Praxair Surface Technologies is a leading global supplier of surface-enhancing processes and materials as well as an innovator in thermal spray, composite electroplating, diffusion, and high-performance slurry coatings processes. We produce and apply metallic and ceramic coatings that protect critical metal components from a variety of environmental conditions, including wear, corrosion, and high temperatures.

The company is a subsidiary of Praxair Inc., one of the largest industrial gases companies in the world and the largest in North and South America. Praxair is a Fortune 300 company with 2011 sales of more than $11.3 billion.

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Products, Services for Power Generation



SermeTel® Process 5380DP Coating System

SermeTel® Process 6F1 Coating System

SermaLoy J® Diffused Aluminide Coating

SermaLon® Coatings for Turbomachinery

Turbine Disk Restoration

Mobile Coating and Restoration Services

Coating services
Surface-enhancing coatings solve wear problems for the aviation, energy (power generation and oil/gas/petrochemical), and other industrial markets, including automotive, chemical, food and beverage, glass, paper, plastics, printing, steel, and textiles.

Thermal spray equipment and materials
We provide coating equipment, powders, slurries, and consumable materials for job shops and in-house coating operations. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, we offer one of the most extensive powder lines today.

Mobile coating and restoration services
The Praxair Surface Technologies Mobile Field Service Centers are the fastest and most cost-effective method to apply protective coatings to large industrial gas turbine components, including compressor rotors, bladed disks, stators, and cases. By coating portions of the entire assembled rotor on site, we can reduce your outage costs by eliminating transportation and shipping time delays and minimizing risk by keeping components on site—all while improving the efficiency of your turbine.

Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines

Compressor blades and vanes
Hot-gas-path parts
Turbine Disks
Combustion Parts
Bell Mouths
Inlet Houses
Assembled Rotors
Field/On-Site Service

Cleaning, services

Repair and overhaul, field