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About SPS®

SPS’ philosophy is Data First. Data is what we do. We are experts in the field of data collection, validation, analysis, and benchmarking of power plant performance across the various technologies. We provide key performance metrics or (KPIs), following industry standards, to power plant owners, operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other industry stakeholders through the Operational Reliability Analysis Program (ORAP®). This information allows them to make informed business decisions relating to the performance and operational readiness of their equipment. There is no system in the world that collects power plant data in such a comprehensive way as ORAP.

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ORAP Reliability Engineering and Benchmarking Studies
The ORAPWind Difference

Products and Services

SPS provides value to the global energy market through our ORAP® products and services. ORAP collects data from operating power plants (utility, merchant power, independent power producers, and oil & gas), field service technicians, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Independent Service providers in the Energy Industry.  SPS uses the ORAP data to provide meaningful, unbiased, third-party, benchmarking statistics to the industry.

SPS has developed a family of product & service offerings that complement the benchmarking provided in ORAP, including an automated data collection tool that captures the required information directly from the operating power plant, and a turbine parts tracking service that provides customers with a complete perspective of their serialized parts (both in the operating unit(s) and in inventory) including aging over time.

SPS also offers a Field Service system that allows OEMs, Independent Service providers and large Corporations the ability to connect their field data to their operating data to have a complete perspective of how their machines are performing over their lifetime.  

SPS has a long history in providing detailed Engineering & Benchmarking analysis studies including such things as; RAM Assessments, Engine Removal Projections, Design Option Evaluations, Expected RAM Performance Studies, Fault Tree Analyses (FTA), and Failure Modes & Effect Criticality Analyses (FMECA).

SPS also understands that with advancing technologies and changing market conditions comes the need for additional service offerings to meet the needs of the market.  With that said, SPS has recently introduced our ORAPWind™ Performance Dashboard that leverages wind farm SCADA and Historian data to generate predictive analysis reports.  This service allows wind farm operators to quickly evaluate operations and maintenance practices to determine whether they are achieving best-in-class results, and identifying where they need to focus their O&M efforts. 

Evolving technologies also provide SPS with the opportunity to expand on the reliability services that we can offer to the market.  Some examples of this include our work with blowout preventer reliability in deep sea, oil & gas applications, our introduction of reciprocating engine technology to our ORAP database, as well as reliability engineering assessments of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities.

Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines



   10 to 60 MW
   Over 60 MW


Outage planning
   Performance assessment

Condition assessment
Outage planning
   Performance assessment








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