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SSS Clutch Company Inc

610 West Basin Road
New Castle, Delaware 19720
United States
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Morgan Hendry

P: 302-322-8080
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About SSS Clutch

SSS Clutches are used world wide for naval ship propulsion, dual driven pumps, compressors and fans in refineries and for pipeline compressors, and in power generation. SSS Clutches are used in peak load gas turbine generators to enable the generator to be disconnected and used for synchronous condensing, in combined heat and power plants to disconnect to LP steam turbine for district heating, chillers, or process, and for single shaft combined cycle plant. SSS Clutches are used in starters of GE Frame 3, 5, 6B and 7B, replace tombstone turning gear jaw clutches in Frame 7, used in many Siemens, Solar, Mitsubishi, etc gas turbine starters. Thousands of SSS Clutches are used in gas and steam turbine turning gear systems.

Size 260T SSS Encased Clutches for the LM 6000

Products and Services

SSS Clutches are supplied for powers from several hundred horsepower to 400,000 Hp at 3000 rpm and for speeds up to 17,000 rpm is smaller sizes.

Specification Sheets

 Turning Gear Reliability Improvements    SSS Clutch for Frame 5 and 6    SSS Clutch for Frame 7B-EA

SSS Clutch in an LMS100    SSS Clutch Synchronous Condenser    SSS Clutch Capability

  Steam Turbine Clutches    Spinning Reserves    Pipeline Compressor Application


Areas of Expertise

Gas Turbines

Steam Turbines






SSS Clutch in CCJ

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