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Young & Franklin Inc. (YF) designs, manufactures and services products to control intake air and combustion fuel for industrial gas turbines used in the power generation and oil & gas markets. Original equipment manufacturers and asset operators worldwide look to YF for valves and actuators built with the highest quality, durability and reliability.

Established in 1918 and headquartered in Liverpool, New York, YF provides valves, actuators and other specialized controls to turbine manufacturers and operators across the globe. With an installed base of products running on more than 15,000 industrial gas turbines, YF has built a reputation of technical expertise and product excellence.

From the first fuel regulators and hydraulic power units to the latest in electromechanically driven valves and actuators, YF offers customers a wide range of products to ensure optimum gas turbine operation.


Electromechanically Actuated (EMA) Gas and Air Control Systems

Offering a technology upgrade package consisting of the main gas turbine fuel and inlet air control devices, YF delivers customers the opportunity to replace complex hydraulically actuated controls with virtually maintenance-free electromechanical (EMA) systems that outlast, outperform, and outthink their hydraulic predecessors. YF EMA Gas Control Valves require no control or trip oil to operate in an existing system and range in line sizes from 1” to 6”. YF EMA Guide Vane Actuators are scalable with strokes up to 4” and forces up to 40,000 lbf.

Hydraulic Gas, Liquid Fuel and Air Control Systems

Having decades of experience as the OEM of many fuel & air delivery systems, YF offers new as well as zero-time warranted repair and overhaul services for legacy assemblies. Products in this category include Gas Control and Stop/Ratio Valves, Combined Gas Control/Stop Ratio Assemblies, Splitter/Transfer Valves, Severe Service Inlet Guide Vane Actuators, Nozzle Guide Vane Actuators, Liquid Fuel Stop and Bypass Valves, Pressure Sensing Pilot Valves, and Fuel Regulators. YF also has extensive experience with IGCC systems.

Design & Engineering

A design-to-build manufacturer, YF works with customers to select an existing design and modify it to fit their needs, or create a new design that best meets their specifications. YF utilizes functional modeling to verify performance during the design phase. This helps to ensure customer confidence with the final product early in development.

For each application, YF offers customers a variety of technical support services to ensure optimal control solutions before, during and after the sale.

YF application and sales engineering teams provide clients support and guidance in selecting appropriate solutions.


YF has state of the art manufacturing capabilities including CNC mill-turn lathes and horizontal mills with pallet systems as well as precision cylindrical grinding and honing capabilities. YF also employs sophisticated assembly and test processes with specialized tooling and a wide variety of test stands. Quality is ensured with multiple Coordinate Measuring Machines and Vision Inspection Systems.


Whether it’s proving actuators at forces up to 40,000 lbs or measuring positional accuracies down to 1 micron, each product endures an extensive qualification process before being deployed to the field.

The programmable nature of the test stands allow YF to work with customers to customize a test program to desired duty cycles under various environmental conditions.

Products are tested beyond their specifications to ensure performance margins resulting in high levels of durability and reliability.

Repair & Overhaul

At the main facility in Central New York, YF offers comprehensive repair and remanufacturing services for all products. A team of International Business Partners offer Authorized YF Repair & Overhaul services at locations worldwide for localized maintenance needs.

Remanufacturing restores used, end-of-life products to as-new operating condition by replacing worn or damaged components and updating products to the latest design.

YF also offers Core Exchange services, hydraulic and EMA actuator upgrades, EMA retrofits, expedited emergency services, and spare parts.

ISO 9001:2008 certified, YF strictly adheres to established quality management standards and promotes a culture of continuous improvement. Global field support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a network of YF Authorized Repair & Overhaul partners.

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