CAMS celebrates its eighth anniversary with ten Best Practices Awards

Combined Cycle Journal recently announced the recipients of its 11th annual Best Practices Awards to gas-turbine-based powerplants. In 2015, thirty-two combined- and simple-cycle facilities were recognized for the contributions of the industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing owners and operators of generating assets in deregulated markets is the need to continually improve the performance of their facilities—to increase revenues and decrease expenses. One component of this goal of “continual improvement” is best practices. These are the methods and procedures plants rely on to assure top performance on a predictable and repeatable basis.

The Best Practices Awards program, launched in late 2004 by the CCJ, has as its primary objective recognition of the valuable contributions made by plant staffs—and headquarters engineering and asset-management personnel as well—to improve the safety and performance of generating facilities powered by gas turbines. There are two levels of awards to recognize the achievements at individual plants: Best Practices and The Best of the Best (BOB).

Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS), privately held and headquartered in Houston, has experienced significant growth and success since its formation in 2007. The company currently operates power-generation facilities at 30 sites in the US—including Effingham County Power, Waterside Power, Monroe Power, Mid-Georgia Cogen, Walton County Power, and Washington County Power. A long-time contributor to the awards program, this year was no different. These six CAMS sites were recognized with a total of ten Best Practices awards–including one Best of the Best. The details:

Waterside Power Holdings, LLC

Wayne Kawamoto of CAMS, plant manager of Corona Cogen, accepts Best of the Best award for Waterside Power at the WTUI conference

CAMS’ Wayne Kawamoto (right), plant manager of Corona Cogen, accepts Best of the Best award on behalf of Waterside Power at the WTUI conference from CCJ editor Bob Schwieger

FREIF North American Power I LLC

Best of the Best

Challenged by dependence on a staff of three and stiff penalties for not meeting dispatch requirements in emergency situations, the facility upgraded the HMI to enable automatic start of its three units. Since the HMI automation the plant has responded to 29 fast start emergency dispatches without a failure.


Effingham County Power
Southeast PowerGen LLC

Four awards:

Root-cause analysis of frequent bearing failures in the plant’s ammonia blowers led to system modifications along with maintenance and operational alterations. The site has not experience such a bearing failure since implementation.

Plant staff developed and implemented procedures, housed in a consolidated binder, to cost-effectively and efficiently undertake the in-house calibration of almost 400 instruments at the facility.

Equipping combustion turbine thermocouples with a new insulation design ensures higher reliability and ease of maintenance on instrumentation prone to premature failure.

Problematic and unreliable process sample lines from the plant’s HRSGs were replaced with a new sampling system that is more accessible to personnel and easier to maintain.


Monroe Power LLC
Southeast PowerGen LLC

Two awards:

Control system logic modifications for water injection valves to control NOx eliminate inadvertent unit trips, increase equipment life, and conserve water.

Modifications to cable trenches in the plant’s switchyard prevent any accidental damage to equipment and enhance personnel safety by eliminating trip hazards.


Mid-Georgia Cogen
Southeast PowerGen LLC

Implementing control logic changes to automatically control the plant’s ammonia flow control valve effectively maintains NOx emissions within permit limits to ensure compliance during transient operation.


Walton County Power
Southeast PowerGen LLC

A fuel-gas piping modification and addition of automated valve assembly eliminates unit trips during shutdown and improves operator safety, efficiency.


Washington County Power
Southeast PowerGen LLC

Test switches installed on the CEMS control panel enables operators to conduct monthly tests quickly and safely without disrupting the plant’s electrical system.