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Catalytic Combustion Corp

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Randy Sadler
VP-Power Emissions Group

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About Catalytic Combustion Corp

Catalytic Combustion Corporation, headquartered in Bloomer, Wisconsin, patented the first all-metal catalyst for control of CO and VOCs in 1951. Since that time our firm has focused our efforts on furthering technological advances in emissions control. We are agile in responding to our client’s needs in the face of an ever-changing regulatory environment. Catalytic Combustion Corporation’s primary focus is Emission Control Technology.

Products and Services

Proven Reliability and Ongoing Support

Catalytic Combustion Corporation designs, engineers, and manufactures the catalyst – the heart of an effective emissions system. CCC also manufactures the housing and all the critical components of your system at our Midwest headquarters and manufacturing facility. This provides customers with the best quality control and a direct connection to the most efficient problem solvers in the industry.

Catalytic Combustion’s process of producing folded catalyst substrates is a proven method of fast manufacturing robust catalysts that match your existing catalyst element.

CCC Emission Control Systems can reduce:

• CO Carbon Monoxide

• HC Hydrocarbons

• VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds

• HAPs Hazardous Air Pollutants

• PM Particulate Matter

• NOx Nitrogen Oxides

• NH3 Ammonia Slip

Power Emission Products:

• New Sulfur-Resistant™ CO Catalyst

• Catalytic Oxidation (CO catalyst) New and replacement catalyst for gas turbines, both combined and simple cycle applications

• Catalyst Assessment – health check for existing catalyst installed

• Ammonia Slip (NH3) catalyst – for stringent emissions applications

• Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) – Achieves 70% or greater CO reduction and for less stringent permits PM (soot) reduction between 10% – 40%.

• Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

• Integrated Silencer with Oxidation Catalyst

• SCR System (selective catalytic reduction) – up to 99% NOx catalytic reduction variable from Natural Gas and Diesel engines as well as Gas Turbines

• Silencers

• Three-way catalysts – Long term NOx/HC/HAPs control for rich burn natural gas engines

• Custom Emissions Technology – each emission solution is custom -engineered to meet your desired operating and performance requirements.

Planned testing and maintenance will extend the lifetime of your catalyst assets. Catalytic Combustion uses our patented Activity Value Test System (AVTSTM) to evaluate the catalyst for activity performance. The Oxidation Catalyst can be regenerated via our proven cleaning method. We also provide reclamation service for precious metals when your spent catalyst reaches the end of its lifespan.

Contact one of our application engineers today at: or call us toll free at (888) 285-5940. Visit our website at

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SCR and CO Oxidation Catalyst

Emissions Control Technology

Three-Way Catalyst: Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction 

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SCR systems
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