Didn’t attend the 7EA UG meeting? Here’s what you missed

The 7EA Users Group steering committee, chaired by Jason Hampton, released this past weekend summary highlights of the organization’s 25th anniversary meeting, held November 1-3, 2016, at the Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania. It is of particular value to 7EA owner/operators unable to attend the conference who might want to access certain presentations. User and third-party vendor PowerPoints identified below are available to registered users on the group’s website; GE presentations are posted on the OEM’s “My Dashboard.”

User attendees numbered 103 from eight countries; about half, by show of hands, were attending their first 7EA conference. Owner/operators contributed to 18 users-only discussion forums and made 11 presentations. They had a great deal of expertise to share. A written survey indicated 1854 years of cumulative experience, split this way: plant management, 602; mechanical, 528; operations, 411; controls, 131; instrumentation and electrical, 129: and balance of plant, 53.

More than a hundred third-party vendors participated in the product/services exhibition. They included some of the suppliers invited by the steering committee to make 17 presentations over the three days of the event. There were eight presentations by GE participants, plus three breakout sessions (asset management, plant considerations, and GT repair technology) and an open-forum panel discussion on challenges facing the OEM’s customers.

User presentations included the following:

      • Hot-gas-path component life.

      • S1 failure mitigation.

      • Post-outage emissions/power-production reclamation.

      • Rotor end-of-life strategy.

      • 7EA compressor issues.

      • Generator issues—TIL 1398 stator inspection.

      • Gas-valve upgrade.

      • Bus-duct replacement.

      • Wrapper leak-mitigation options.

Third-party vendor presentations:

The keynote presentation by Mike Hoogsteden, Advanced Turbine Support LLC’s director of field services, updated the group on fleet issues based on findings from inspections in the last year of more than 20% of the 7EAs in service. This may well be the most unbiased source of information available to owner/operators on what is happening to operating units.

The other presentations:

      • Anti-fouling treatment, AES.

      • Turbine internal alignment, ACQUIP.

      • Compressor-blade tip timing, Agilis Measurement Systems.

      • Switchgear and circuit-breaker life extension, Crown Electric.

      • Two-piece inlet guide vanes, DRS Technologies.

      • Primary frequency response, Emerson Automation Solutions.

      • Automated combustion tuning, EthosEnergy Group.

      • Fuel-nozzle “wheeling,” EthosEnergy Group.

      • Rotor end-of-life inspections, EthosEnergy Group.

      • Influence of base-oil varnish formation, ExxonMobil.

      • Exhaust-frame solutions, Integrity Power Solutions.

      • Generator endwinding vibration monitoring, IRIS.

      • Acoustic combustion-turbine monitoring system, MISTRAS.

      • Bus-duct systems and the criticality of preventive maintenance, RMS Energy.

      • Zero-leak seals for primary-fuel nozzles, Sulzer.

      • Turbine valves and actuator, Young and Franklin.

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