Exciter Brush Maintenance

Cutsforth Inc’s EASYchange® brush holder system is designed for safe removal of the brush and brush box from the exciter as a unit within seconds—while the generator is operating. This allows inspection and maintenance away from the exciter in a comfortable environment.

When the brush is changed, the spring and spring portion of the terminal connector are replaced as well. The spring clips into the brush box in the Cutsforth design, facilitating its replacement. Note that by changing spring and brush at the same time, spring tension is maintained virtually constant over the life of the brush, minimizing the potential for abnormal spring-tension-related collector-ring wear.

The terminal connection automatically engages when you close the handle. Finally, brush wear is easy to gauge with the holder in place by checking the distance from the wear band to the brush box.

Thompson demonstrated the advantages of EASYchange to the editors last week at a plant near the CCJ’s editorial offices. The series of brief “film clips” illustrate the following: