First HRSG Forum a success, work on 2018 meeting underway

The editors, connected on a conference call to plan upcoming online and print coverage of industry events, were talking about how to break up, into digestible segments, the large amount of information collected at the first HRSG Forum with Bob Anderson when they began to wonder aloud how all of the material they had could have been crammed into only two days of classroom sessions.

A review of the program reflected 16 presentations, each followed by a 15-min Q&A period. In addition, about an hour of the 16-hr agenda was allocated for “general discussion.” The compelling and rapid-fire content “forced” most attendees to stay in their seats until a scheduled break, eyes glued to the screen and speakers. The editors wondered what attendees thought about the meeting’s format and intensity and dialed in Conference Chairman Bob Anderson (photo).

Completely candid, he said the participants suggested more time for general discussion, but appreciated the large number of presentations. The conflict, Anderson reasoned, could be resolved easily by extending the meeting by half a day, or a full day. And that’s what he and the steering committee decided to do. No details yet on the second annual meeting other than it will be held March 5 – 7, 2018 at the easily accessible Hyatt Regency Houston. Stay tuned to the group’s website for updates.

Recall that the 2017 conference was hosted by EPRI at its Charlotte (NC) facilities, which have limited exhibition space. The Houston venue will accommodate four-dozen or more vendors.

Important for PEs to note: The HRSG Forum is certified by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers to award Continuing Education Units. Anderson said, “The HRSG Forum is proud of this certification because many states do not certify CEU provider and or monitor if/how/where PEs obtain their CEUs.”

Sixteen CEUs were awarded for attending the 2017 HRSG Forum to each professional engineer who successfully completed and submitted the CEU questionnaire used to confirm participation. All attendees received a copy of the meeting’s official minutes—including the presentation slides. CEUs and meeting notes will be provided in 2018 as well.

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