FOR SALE: Brush generator rotor for LM5000, LM6000

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In association with Energy Services Inc. offer for immediate sale.

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Brush BDAX7-290ER Rotor complete with Exciter armature and PMG assembly (but excluding diode wheel) as used on GE LM5000 and LM6000 driven packages assembled by S&S Houston.

      • Rotor assembly Serial # 01/61281A for generator rated 68820kVA @ 15 degC air inlet per BRUSH curves HEP5669 and HEP5670.

      • Dual 50/60Hz capability but configured for 60Hz rotation with uni-directional shaft mounted fans fitted at each end. Switch fan ends for 50Hz.

Originally supplied as complete generator to Stewart & Stevenson – Houston and delivered to Lake CoGen installation where stator was damaged during commissioning. Rotor removed and preserved as capital spare for other operational units. Your inspection is invited.

Brush drawings applicable to this part:

a) Generator GA – AO314015500

b) Rotor geometry – B313957900

 Brush gen 1

Bearings and all bright surfaces are coated. Rotor has been covered, stored indoors and routinely inspected and tested to confirm serviceability. Now located in Philadelphia, PA.

Brush gen 2 

Please review your installed machine(s) detail to confirm suitability for consideration and contact us for further details and to arrange any inspection required:

Derek King – 281-923-9634 or

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