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Gas Turbine Specialty Parts LLC 

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Keith Obillo

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About Gas Turbine Specialty Parts

Gas Turbine Specialty Parts LLC (GTSP) provides patent-pending products that are new and cutting edge and add value and a safer work environment.

GTSP presently has two unique products designed for the utility industry:

  • Flange Leak Detection
  • Open Air Exhaust Thermowell

Products and Services

“Leak Detection System” (patent pending)

This cutting edge new product that achieves a high level of safety and provides an exact location of the flange that is leaking – Processes include hydro-carbon and inert gases including ammonia, argon, carbon dioxide, ethane, helium, hydrogen, methane, natural gas, oxygen, propane,etc. GTSP’s System allows your employees to identify and locate leak(s) and perform repairs faster and more safely than ever before. General Electric Power and Water has taken a proactive stance regarding safety and leak detection. The company has issued safety alerts that prohibit its employees and its contractors from entering an operating turbine compartment to look for leaks or to perform repairs. The “Leak Detection System” is easily installed over and completely surrounds the flange assembly. Each unit contains an external part that acts as a flag to indicate where there is a pressure release of gas or air. This system can be part of a maintenance strategy known as Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) to monitor the condition of piping flange connections and identify the need for repairs. Without question, it is better to find and fix small leaks before they turn into major leaks.

Specification Sheets

New Flag and Test

BOM of Thermowell

Exhaust Thermowell by GTSP

Old Thermowell with Swagelock fitting

Damaged Thermowell 7FA

Damaged Thermocouple 7FA

Benefits of the Flange Leak Detection System

  • Improved safety
  • Faster location of leak(s)
  • Less unit down time
  • Improved efficiency and performance
  • Reusable design
  • Supplements existing leak detection systems that monitor emissions or ultrasonic signals within turbine compartment

“Open Air Thermowell”

The patent-pending design is unlike the present thermowell design using a swagelock fitting to lock the thermocouple in place. Our design allows for thermal expansion of the thermowell and thermocouple while keeping the thermocouple solidly attached to the seating surface through startup & full operation. This eliminates damage to both the thermowell and the thermocouple. The immediate benefit will be fewer turbine trips along with greater availability, reliability and increased run time of the combustion turbine. One very important feature is you’ll be able to use your existing thermocouples.

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