GUG presentation library: Stator windings

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Stator winding problems     DOWNLOAD

Mike Bresney, AGTServices

Partial-discharge problems     DOWNLOAD

Ryan Harrison, P Eng, ATCO Power (Canada) and vice chair, GUG steering committee

Electromagnetic interference testing     DOWNLOAD

Jim Timperley, P Eng, Doble Engineering Co

Partial-discharge testing of stator windings      DOWNLOAD

Greg Stone, Iris Power, a Qualitrol company

Copper oxide issues in water-cooled stator windings     DOWNLOAD

Copper oxide issues in water-cooled stator windings (paper)    DOWNLOAD

Matthias Svoboda, SvoBaTech AG (Switzerland)

Stator winding tests     DOWNLOAD

Stator winding aging processes      DOWNLOAD

Calculating generator insulation Polarization Index (PI)     DOWNLOAD

Bert Milano, consultant

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