CCJ Issue 55


COMMENTARY: What the digital revolution means for electricity

CONTROL SYSTEM UPGRADES: NV Energy commissions seven turbine DCSs in seven weeks

GAS TURBINES: Turbine blade, vane cooling—a primer
Lee S Langston

TURBINE FLUIDS: How does PAG stack up against mineral oils after a decade of use?

GAS TURBINES: Doosan takes a high-profile position in aftermarket services

CONSERVATION: Ravenous ruminants rid reservoirs of renegade reeds
Colleen Dolan  and Regina Chan

MATERIALS ANALYSIS: Group-sponsored development projects share results, reduce costs

TURBINE VALVES: How to prevent an actuator failure from tripping your plant

GEOMAGNETIC DISTURBANCE EVENTS: New NERC standard aims to mitigate effects of GMDs

VIEWPOINT: Utilities embrace digital technology within the same old business models

User Group Reports

Ovation Users Group

At UT-Austin, real-time optimization pushes out into distribution networks.

ACC Users Group 

Performance improvements in fans, heat transfer, and water chemistry reflect a global effort of collaboration among owner/operators, suppliers, and consultants.

Frame 6 Users Group

The steering committee, energized by second-year conference organizer, Greg Boland, injects a training component into its program, organizes a webinar to share information between meetings.

Alstom Users Group 

Owner/operators of Alstom engines, concerned about access to technology and services in the aftermath of GE’s purchase of their OEM, gather in Charlotte to develop a roadmap for success.

7F Users Group

Steering committee, OEM discuss ways to improve field service

Best Practices, integrated into the 7FUG Top Issues session for the first time last year, recognized the accomplishments of the following plants:

Rowan, how to detect GT leaks offline

Rathdrum, a simple concrete wall facilitates cleanout of cooling-tower basin

Nuevo Pemex, leak-testing of gas turbines with helium

Faribault, air attemperation system assures superheated steam on startup

Calhoun, cardox-tank double relief valves facilitate testing, maintenance

T A Smith, acoustic monitoring provides early leak detection

Vandolah, purge air protects isophase-duct against moisture intrusion

Best Practices Awards

AES Amman East: PI system underpins ISO 50001 certification

AES Levant: Conserve energy, reduce parasitic load, save money

LSP-Whitewater: How to reduce post-outage recovery time, minimize pitfalls on restart; new LOTO program results in zero violations

Lea Power Partners: Closed-loop chilled-water monitoring system; fuel-gas-heater inlet temperature control

New Harquahala: Still correcting design deficiencies more than a decade after COD

Midulla: Wireless technology benefits plant operations, management

Dogwood: Plant infrastructure upgrade streamlines outages

Orlando Cogen: Chlorinator conversion from bleach; lone-worker emergency response; arc-flash procedures made easy

BASF Geismar is recognized with a Best Practices Award for configuring controls to dispatch steam more economically.