7EA USERS GROUP: Under new management

7EA Users Group joins the Power Users family of conferences

Power Users, the umbrella organization for managing and coordinating the technical programs for the electric power industry’s leading user groups—including 7F, Combined Cycle, Steam Turbine, Generator, and Power Plant Controls—announced last week that the 7EA Users Group was joining its family of conferences.

Sheila Vashi of SV Events will coordinate the 2020 meeting of 7EA owner/operators and will be the event planner for that conference, tentatively scheduled for October.

Power Users is working with Gregory Carvalho of Simplified Technology Co to manage the transition and make it as seamless as possible to the users.

Over the next year, the current 7EA email forum at users-groups.com will move to the Power Users website. This transition is not expected to require any action by the users. Simplified Technology will work with Power Users to ensure the 7EA history and subscribers are incorporated in the Power Users website.

Refer any questions to sheila.vashi@sv-events.net.

In related news, Sheila Vashi announces the following: