7F USERS GROUP: Best practices and a look ahead at 7FUG 2020

What follows are 15 best practices for improving safety and performance, and for reducing emissions, shared by seven plants powered by 7F gas turbines. These facilities were recognized for their contributions at the user organization’s 2019 meeting. Recipients of Best of the Best awards were profiled earlier. 

St. Charles Energy Center

  • Pocket guides invaluable to new employees

  • Guidelines assist operators in understanding NERC standards

  • Winter preparation important to successful operation

  • Labeling of chemical piping raises awareness, prevents injury

  • Site safety pamphlet provides quick access to emergency information

  • Control-room display of boiler and pressure-vessel certificates

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  • Unit axial vibration monitoring

Green Country Energy

  • Complex underground water leak repairs

  • Eliminating chemical-tote handling hazards

Barney Davis

  • Multiple benefits accrue from gas-chromatograph install


  • Lockwire prevents water-injection and fuel-oil purge-valve actuators from coming loose

  • Sounding-cap addition on oil-tank lid

MEAG Wansley, Unit 9

  • LOTO upgrade facilitates maintenance of chemical feed pumps

  • LOTO test points

  • Do your machine guards meet current standards?