HRSGS: 2020 HRSG Forum w/ Bob Anderson expands to include daylong water workshop

Monday, July 22




The Makeup Water Workshop featured discussions on advancements in the treatment of makeup water, the impact of changing raw-water sources, treatment system operation, equipment troubleshooting and layup, and much more.

The agenda included the following presentation/discussion topics, among others:

  • Design of water-treatment systems for combined-cycle plants.

  • Best practices on makeup water and pretreatment monitoring.

  • Dealing with complex makeup water challenges.

  • Optimizing water use at a combined-cycle plant operating on reclaimed water.

  • Best practices for reverse-osmosis systems.

  • Using digital tools to optimize the operation of integrated mobile water systems.

  • Layup practices for makeup treatment equipment.

  • Challenges in makeup water production faced by owner/operators.

  • Considerations in the treatment of municipal wastewater for powerplant use.

Tuesday/Wednesday, July 23-24




Thursday, July 25




All delegates to the HRSG Forum were invited to participate in EPRI’s HRSG and BOP Technology Transfer Day, led by experts from EPRI Program 88, Combined Cycle HRSG and Balance of Plant. Cross-reference discussions were conducted with EPRI professional from the following related areas:

Program 64, Boiler and Turbine Steam and Cycle Chemistry.

Program 65, Steam Turbine-Generators and Auxiliary Systems.

Program 79, Combined Cycle Turbomachinery.

Program 87, Materials and Repair.

HRSG Week 2020

The new meeting format, given high marks by attendees, will be followed again in 2020 when HRSG Week is at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Fla, July 20-23. The Water Workshop on July 20 will focus on film-forming substances, a topic of major interest to owner/operators not running their plants baseload.

The HRSG Forum with Bob Anderson will be conducted July 21 and 22, with Thursday the 23rd reserved for EPRI’s HRSG and BOP Technology Transfer Day.

Agendas for all three program elements—Water Workshop, HRSG Forum, and EPRI Day—are in development. Details will be announced on the HRSG Forum’s website when they become available during the spring.